Advent Calendars Day 16

I’m trying to get this up and out before my Hubs heads out for the evening and leaves me with two wired little children.  Today was a pretty good day and I was feeling good about what I would find behind the doors.


First up today was The FaceShop and they have given me a BeBe Lip Mask.  This is a gel mask that helps out chapped lips and restores softness to them.  I have used a Korean lip mask before and I’m sure my husband loved it since I was unable to talk for the 15 minutes it was on.


In the Sefridges calendar I found DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.  I have never used an oil cleanser before but you apparently pour some onto you hands then rub it into your dry skin and it removes makeup and dirt as you rinse it off.


From LookFantastic there was a tube of mystery.  Inside the tube was Magnifibres Treatment Primer.  This is a triple effect item that primes, creates longer lashes, and makes them feel thicker and silkier.  I never seem to remember to put the one of these I have on each day but I just need to make it a habit and get magnificent lashes.

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