Advent Calendar Day 15

Well the day didn’t go as planned and so once again I am getting this post out in the evening.  Let’s call it a win that it’s the right day.


LookFantastic was our first calendar today and they have given me Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask.  This is actually a hair mask not a face mask.  You wash as normal, rub this in, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse.  It promises to give you smooth, protected, and luxurious hair.  Good start to the day.


Selfridges has opened to reveal Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.  They send medium beige and it is maybe just a touch to dark for my skintone.  If I really take the time and effort to blend it in I can just pull it off.  It is not as thick as some concealers, which I like.  I’d rather have a bit of looseness that I can work with then something thick and stiff. At least when we’re talking makeup…. ;).


Last up today was The FaceShop and they gave m e Smoky Smoky Eyelashes.  I managed to be successful in applying and wearing a pair of falsies to my Xmas party a few days ago so I am even more stoked to get these today.  Would it be wrong to just wear them everyday???

Have a great evening all!!

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