Advent Calendars Day 12,13, and 14

Okay I guess it’s official, I suck at getting these posts up and out on time.  I have had a few crazy days and late nights and as a result I have gained a pile of items on my counter that need to be documented on here.  I swear I am out of things to do, besides regular life, and I will be able to get through the last 10 days.

Day 12


This is from Selfridges and it is Eve Lom Cleanser.  This is one of the more involved cleansers I’ve received.  It’s fairly solid in the jar and you need to rub it between your hands until it warms up.  Then you apply it and rub it in.  After that you put a warm cloth over it and wait.  Then you rinse it off and make the cloth cold and put it back on your face to close your pores.  I don’t know if I have that kind of time in the mornings.


The FaceShop has sent a nail polish, Trendy Nails Basic Original.  There is no name of the colour but as you can see it’s red.  Two coats gave me a pure red colour and while I don’t choose to do my nails red often I do think it’s a great choice for toes.


LookFantastic opened up to Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.  You spray this on your face or hands and then pat it into your skin.  It is very rose scented as expected but it absorbed so quick that you never felt it dripping or leaking on your face.

Day 13


First up this time is The FaceShop and their Collagen Pomegranate Pack.  This is a cream you put on your face just before bed.  This helps to improve elasticity.  This smells so good I will gladly put it on every night.


Next was LookFantastic and Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream.  This not only heals hands, it makes them smooth and soft.  It says it is fragranced with orange pulp but it doesn’t really smell all that citrusy.  Still nice though.


Last yesterday was James Read Gradual Tan Day Tan SPF 15 Face.  Upper class British people must like being tanned.  This is not the first tanning item I have received.  This is a self tanning lotion.  You apply it and gradually get a darker, hopefully natural looking, tan on your face and neck.  I have never used any type of tanner so when I give this a go I can only hope I get it right.

Day 14


The FaceShop really has quite a few masks and patches and strips.  This is a Spot Clear Intensive Patch.  From the instructions I gather this is not something you want to use right before a big date.  You put this patch over your blemish and leave it on for 6-12 hours. HOURS!  I hope after all that it is gone because that is quite the commitment to a hope and a prayer.


This is the cutest little Beauty Blender I have ever seen!!!!  I love that Selfridges included the full sized blender cleaner with it.  I have a regular sized one and use it daily but this one is so little I guess maybe concealer?


Finally after three days the last item out of the LookFantastic calendar is Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil.  If you have a willing partner you can use this as a massage oil.  Since that will probably never happen here (sorry honey but you know it’s the truth), you can also use it as a bath and shower oil.  This is made to relax your muscles and helps soothe your skin.


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