Candy Box November 2015

Candy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you out a selection of candy from Canada, USA, Mexico, and Asia.  It’s a big mix and you never know what you’re going to get.  They offer two different box sizes, mini, having 7-12 items and big, having 15-20.  The mini starts at $20 a box and the big $40.  Shipping is free for Canada and the US.  This is another box I picked up on a Groupon so I managed to snag a three month big box subscription for $45.60 instead of the regular $114.99 price.  Groupon is carrying more and more plans and the deals are super, so if you hear of a box you like make sure you check them out first.   I had been wanting this one for a while but there was no way I would spend that kind of money on candy.


Once again this box was heavy and full.  That first look upon opening is so glorious right up to the point where I remember I’m on a diet and none of this can go in my mouth.  I see a few things I recognize and a few I don’t so let’s get right into it.


In the chocolate selection of the box we have a big box of Reese’s Pieces. I have only seen these here in a little bag so that part is new to me.  There were also York Peppermint Patties Minis, which I have ever seem before.  Love the big version though.  Lastly there was White Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  What???  Why would you want to mess with those?  I just can’t see how white chocolate would be as good.


I’m calling this the chewy section.  Two different types of Skittles, Sour in a big box and Desserts in the standard bag.  I’ve had sour ones before but the other ones are different. Haribo Peaches are next and they feel so soft and wonderful and gosh darn I want to eat these!  Lastly in this bunch are Jelly Belly Dr Pepper Jelly Beans.  I can’t think of any better flavour to make a jelly bean out of.


Chocolate Cow Tails are one of my favorite candies ever.  I have not been able to find them here in forever and to have one show up in this box was just great.  BlackJack Chews are completely new to me.  They are an aniseed flavour chew and I’m not sure if I’d want to eat that.  I realise that’s just black licorice but maybe if they had just said that I’d be more inclined.  Starburst FaveReds is the most brilliant idea I have ever seen.  I know I only want to red ones in the tube and now there is no trying to pawn off the other colours to random people walking by to get to them.  Maynards Wine Gums are something I used to eat once in a while but I haven’t had them lately.  These ones feel nice and squishy too.  I don’t know what Chuckles are but they look like jujubes.  Anyone?


Next out of the box were some Surf & Turf Nerds.  I don’t even know what that means. These are raspberry and tropical punch flavoured and I think I’ll give them to the girls one day when I won’t be home.  Original Cherryhead candy I might have had before but only at Halloween and never just as a box of them.  I don’t think they are sour just a hard flavoured candy.  Oh Minions!  I think they are adorable and love all the movies so this is fun.  These are Minions Cocoa Fart Gun Clouds.  They are a chocolate flavoured sugar candy, kinda like a mint but not minty if that makes sense.


Two lollipops this month.  The first is a Unicorn Pop and it’s a long striped one, multicoloured.  The second one is a Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pop.  I love cotton candy and would happily suck on this for a while.

I received 16 items in this box and I would think they are all great.  Well maybe the white Reese’s are odd but beyond that. If I had payed full price I might feel a bit ripped off but I think that they work the shipping costs into the box prices so that’s why it seems high for a bunch of $1.00 candy.  That being said I really really really wish I could eat everything in here.  Stupid diet.  Maybe I’ll settle for sniffing everything and get a sugar high that way.


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