Advent Calendars Day 10 And 11

My bad…..I simply did not have any time yesterday to get a post up.  I was feeling crappy when I got home from work and we had Bug’s Christmas Concert and then by the time we got the girls to sleep, I wanted nothing more than my bed as well.  I am so exhausted and angry lately that I really want nothing more then an hour alone to do nothing and that is just not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future. Enough of my whining, lets see what was in these boxes.


Selfridges gave me Merci Handy New Wave Love & Hand Cleansing Gel.  These are always useful to have around and this one smells good too.


The FaceShop provided Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes.  Another great thing to have around and I use remover wipes a few days a week when I can’t be bothered to actually wash my face.


LookFantastic has actually given me some makeup, which has been a little bit in short supply lately it seems.  This is Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Satan.  Maybe not the most Christmassy of names but it is nice to apply.  It glided on smoothly and while I think I might be over red lips right now, it is a true red colour.


Today LookFantastic gave me a set of lashes.  These are Eyelure Lengthening lashes.  The come with the adhesive and an applicator.  Maybe that is what I’ve been missing in my attempts to wear falsies.  I now have a few sets of these and I swear I will figure it out one of these days.


The FaceShop opened up to reveal Color Hair Bands.  These are those no tangle bands but they always seem to require me to cut them out of my hair.  I use them to secure the ends of my braids or in the girls hair since theirs is finer and less likely to get all wrapped around it.


Last up, Selfridges gave me Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste.  I can honestly say I never expected to get toothpaste in an advent calendar.  This one claims to actually reverse the erosion process.  I didn’t think that was possible but okay.  It is minty smelling at least.

I will try to be better at this.  Maybe I don’t really need as much sleep as I think I do.

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