LookFantastic Beauty Box December 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website. Boxes are $28 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.  The stuff I’ve been getting in this box has been really nice.  This one was a find and I really enjoy it.


This is the third and final special edition holiday box.  As you can see this is the Christmas Edition and all three boxes were very beautiful looking.


The info booklet was there again.  Inside is a bit about all of your products and also a tutorial on how to do the perfect facial.


Under the lid was all my goodies, carefully lodged between those squiggles I am learning to hate.


Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser-50mL $32.80

This is their Editor’s Pick of the month and also part of what they recommend in the facial. This cleanser is a bit different in that you apply it to dry skin and then leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing off.  It promises to leave your skin soft and youthful.


Lord & Berry Pailette Glitter Eye Pencil in Sparkle Black-0.6g $10.25

I’m guessing on the price of this one a little.  I can tell it’s not full sized but I’m not sure how much smaller it is so I’m going with half.  I really like the sparkle aspect of it.  It’s not super in your face glitter but it is noticeable and I want to wear it now!


Wetbrush Squirt-$24.57

This is a detangling brush that works on wet or dry hair of any type.  It is not supposed to pull, snag or cause clumps.  I am going to be giving this a try on Bug’s hair after her bath and we’ll see.  She is usually pretty good but some days her hair is so knotty.


Codage No.3 Radiance & Energy Serum-7mL $34.92

This serum is supposed to detoxify and restore brightness to your skin.  Somehow it will mask signs of fatigue and correct signs of aging.  If it can do any of that I think it might be worth the hundred and some dollars a full size bottle is.  In less important news, it smells great, which is a nice change from the face creams I seem to be getting lately.


Eylure Double Lash-$10.45

I want to wear these, I really do but I have no idea how to put them on.  I love the way false lashes look on people and while my own are fine and not really short I would love to have big crazy lashes going on.  This includes the glue and they are reusable.  Someone help me!!!!!


Molton Brown Body Wash in Japanese Orange-100mL $12.30

There were four scents of this gel sent out and I like the one I received.  They call this a luxury body wash and it is expensive.  I have so many little body washes right now that I would need to shower multiple times a day to use them up.  Not really complaining though.  I like bubbles!

This month had a value of $125.29, way back up again.  This month’s mix was great. The great part about LookFantastic  is that they have sales all the time and free worldwide shipping so if you want more of anything or find other things on their site it’s simple to get.  I can’t wait to see what fun they send next month and have yet to be disappointed with what I find in here.

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