Luxe Box Winter 2015

Luxe Box is a quarterly box that sends out 7-8 trial sized beauty and lifestyle discoveries every season.  It is a Canadian box which is nice and shipping is included in the pricing.  Each box is $26 or you can sign up for a year for $96, so a slight discount. They also had a few upgrade options if you wanted but I stuck with the standard box. I had wanted to cancel this box but I couldn’t get through to actually speak to someone so I ended up getting another years worth.  The products are usually okay but getting this and Topbox, which are put out by the same company does result in some duplicates.

20151206_210203 20151206_210209

There is a small info card included that lists what items you received, the price, and where you can purchase full size or simply more if you love it.


Hask Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment-50g $1.77

This is a Monoi Coconut Oil conditioner that moisturizes and revitalizes all hair types.  You work it into damp hair and leave it on for 10 minutes to have it work for you.  I always like to use these but having a long enough shower to use them is a bit of a struggle since I rarely shower without two small humans hanging out in there too.


The FaceShop Character Mask-$4.00

This one is a soothing apple mask.  I have three masks from them now and all are the character ones and it makes me happy.  Why be plain and boring when you can have fun while getting the job done.

20151206_210318 20151206_210219

Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique-$21.95 Full Size

You cannot believe how stoked I am to get this.  You never get toner in boxes.  I think I might have received one in over a year’s worth of boxes, and I get a whole bunch of boxes.  There was a coupon for $5.00 off another Bioderma product.  This toner also adds moisture to your skin with each use.  Sweet!!


Teeez Trend Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick-$28.94 Full Size

The colour I received is called Roulette Red and it is dark red.  It is also matte and while it did go on creamy, it is still drier feeling than a regular lipstick.  They do say it will provide up to 8 hours lasting power but as I’ve taken a few sips of my drink since applying it and there are lip marks on the glass I’m not too sure about that one.


Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen-$19.00 Full Size

This black liner has a marker-like tip that makes a nice thick solid line.  It was also smudge proof seconds after applying.  Starlooks is available online and they also have their own subscription box (well book actually).  I for some reason find it a bit odd that companies that offer the service add their products to other companies boxes but since I’m really happy with this I won’t complain too loudly.


Cuccio Nail Lacquer in Gazing In Genoa-$4.21 Full Size

This nail polish has something called Triple Pigmentation Technology which means you get perfect coverage in two coats.  The colour is a completely natural pink that makes your nails look more buffed then painted.


Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster-5mL $14.67

So this little vial is full of a product you put on before any of your other face potions and it will boost their results.  I have found through boxes that the Elizabeth Arden products have been very good.  They are way out of my price range but since I get one every once in awhile through a box I am a happy camper.

This seasons Luxe Box has a value of $94.54. Wow! There were five full sized items, which is unusual for them but I like it! So I was a bit cranky about not being able to cancel but this box has made up for that.  I think it is the best box of stuff I’ve ever received from them. I find that I get lots of emails from Luxe Box with specials from the products included or companies they have partnered with.  I like them and I am getting to try new things that are available here in Canada, which I like.



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