UrthBox Classic Novmber 2015

Urthbox is a healthy snack subscription that sends out all sorts of goodies that are better for you then regular snacks.  They offer four different boxes, vegan, diet, classic or gluten-free.  They also offer four sizes of box, mini, small, medium, and large, which range from 6 to 24 items per box.  I picked this one up on a Groupon so I got six months of the mini for $32.00.  Boxes normally run from $12.99-$39.99 a month. If you really like people you can also get an office box that has 100 snacks and will set you back $199 a month. Let’s see what’s inside this month.


Opening the lid showed me a coupon and the ends of a few packages.  The box was full to the top though.


The info card tells you the month and which box you got.  The back just lists ways you can get points by sharing the box.


Nourish Snacks Coconuts For You-34g

This is a blend of toasted coconut-chia granola.  It sounds really yummy and I’m always looking for snacks that are good for me and low in calories.  This has 150 calories in the package and a bonus of fibre and protein.


The Good Bean Crispy Crunchy Chickpeas-70g

I don’t like chickpeas regularly but covered in cinnamon and vanilla they might be delicious.  These have crazy amounts of protein and fibre as well and I think would give that crunch that most healthy snacks are missing that those things that are bad for you bring.


E&C’s Heavenly HUnks Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies-50g

There are two cookie hunks in here and looking at the ingredients they are made just like the ones in your own kitchen.  I can’t wait to have these.  Both will set me back just the right amount of calories for a snack and any hit of chocolate is worth it.


Zego Crunchy Sunflower Cinnamon Bar

There is really no information on the package but the bar is flexible.  They make a few different flavours and I’m thinking they were randomly distributed.


Amazing Grass Green Superfood-7g

This is a watermelon flavoured supplement.  I have not had great luck with the superfood powders.  They are so vile tasting.  I have tried them with water or in smoothies and I end up having to dump it all out.  I keep trying though.


Snapz Organic Crunch Dried Apple Crisps-13g

These are basically apple chips.  They say that there is the equivalent of more than one apple in each bag and there is no salt, sugar, or preservatives in there.


Primizie Thick Cut Crispbreads-43g

These are a salted almost pita like chip.  They are all natural and only have four ingredients.  They are also vegan.  I’m loving that everything in here has been crunchy and will take away that need for salt and chips that has been plaguing me lately.

I am really impressed with this box.  Even though it’s the mini these 6 items don’t make me feel like it’s a rip off.   I am also happy that I can eat a lot of these things on my diet.  This is a good box if you are looking for snacks that taste good and are still on the good side of things.  I think the Groupon is still available so if you want to get the deal then now would be the time to sign up.



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