Advent Calendar Day 8

Woooo!! Day off means I get this up and posted first thing.  In fact I still have one sleeping baby so it’s nice and quiet here.  Let’s see what today has brought us in our Christmas countdown.


First up from LookFantastic we have Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Body Lotion.   This lotion uses extracts to deliver antioxidants and it’s good for all skin types.  This smells fantastic!  I just used it on my hands where it is a bit greasy feeling but if I had actually put it on my body where it should go I think it would be fine.  It did soak in after a few minutes.  I probably should mention too that LookFantastic sends you an email each day with a bit about your surprise and there is usually a deal attached for that brand if you want to purchase.


In Selfridges today we have James Read Enhance Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask.  You would normally use this before tanning to prep the skin.  You can also use it once you have that tan to keep your skin smooth. I don’t fake bake and it’s December in Saskatchewan so there is no sunbathing.  I’ll use it like a regular mask and I’m sure it’l be just fine.


Out of The FaceShop we get another tool, which is okay since no other calendar is giving me any.   The Mini Blusher Brush is a perfect size for your purse or bag.  The bristles are made from pony hair….I don’t think I’ve ever had a brush from that before.  I have a little brush like this that I use for my bronzer but it’s always nice to have spare brushes so that when the kids get hold of one and dunk it in the toilet it can be replaced stat.

Have a great day!!

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