Advent Calendar Day 7

So half my mouth is all numb from the dentist but that won’t stop me from getting this post out there.  I had a tooth break and despite all my wiggling efforts I couldn’t get it out myself.  This will be one week of treats form the little doors and it’s time to see what was revealed.


First out out of the box today, from Sefridges, we have Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.   This soap-free cleanser is lathered on you hands then rubbed on and washed off.  I’ve had a serum from this brand before but this will be my first wash.


From LookFantastic Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue.  This is a thermal protection spray that adds shine and conditions while it works.  It is a dual product formula that you need to shake to mix up before spraying.  It has a nice smell to it, which is always a bonus.


Last up today is a Style My Eyebrow pencil from The FaceShop.  This is a touch dark for my brows but maybe with a gentle touch and some good shading I can make it work.  The nice thing about it is that it is full sized, which is rare in an advent calendar.

See you tomorrow!!!

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