Advent Calendar Day 6

I’m taking it as a win that I’m getting this post up before supper.  Working early is great for getting time to be with everyone in the evenings but it means I leave the house while it’s all quiet and I can’t do anything because I don’t want to wake anyone up.  Now that I’ve looking in the doors for today, let’s see what was hiding.


First out of the gate today was a Black Yeast Peel-Off Pack from the FaceShop.  This is a face mask. It’s a very think gel and I guess because of the name I thought it would be coloured.  It’s not, just plain old clear.


LookFantastic has provided an Inika Certified Organic Black Eye Liner in Black Caviar.  It glides on smooth and has the dual caps so you never lose that sharpener.  Black eyeliner is always good to have on hand but I really do have a ton of it.


From Selfridges I got a pot of glitter.  Actual glitter.  This is made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and I don’t know what I should use it for.  It’s not not a gel or a powder that you can apply, it is just a jar filled with glitter.  If I open this it will literally be everywhere.  Confused.

Today is the first day I’ve received something I may not use.  I love glitter, don’t get me wrong but I am at a loss as to how to successfully use this. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Merry Merry



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