Advent Calendars Day 4

Good Morning everyone!  I have the day off so I can get this post out in the morning instead of later.  It’s been a good run of finds in the calendars so far so let’s see if today brings more of the same.


First up from the LookFantastic one is Redken Diamond Oil.  It seems to be a deep conditioner that will help dull and damaged hair.  You shampoo as normal then apply this to damp hair, hang out for a bit and rinse.  I need all the moisture I can get in my hair with it being coloured so I’m going to give this a go fir sure.


From Selfridges we have Carmex Lip Balm.  Now it says it’s a limited edition but that must just be referring to the lid design because it is the same great basic Carmex that everyone loves and that works great.  No complaints on this one.

20151204_085013 20151204_085027

Last up today is The Faceshop Daily Beauty Tools Pencil Sharpener.  This could not have arrived at a better time.  Mine is not really working anymore and the only thing that could make this better is if it did the large pencils too.

Day four is a win.  Something I needed, something I love, and something new to try that I hope will be helpful.  Tune in tomorrow to see what’s next!

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