Advent Calendar Day 1

Well the season has begun and with it my adventures in Beauty Advent Calendars!  If you missed the previous posts I have three this year.  LookFantastic, The Face Shop, and Selfridges.  Let’s see what was in there to start things off.


From Selfridges we have Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream.  This cleanser has a slight grit to it and they say you can use it with a polishing pad as well.  I love getting mini cleansers.  I like actually being able to use up something and let’s be honest…..I get bored easily so switching things up makes that more bearable.


The Face Shop gave us Cherry Blossom Daily Perfumed Hand Cream.  I was not expecting this to be so thick and creamy.  The scent is really light and pleasant.  It absorbed super quick and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  I had never heard of The Face Shop before finding this calendar and if everything is as nice as this it may become someplace I order from a lot.


Last up is the Look Fantastic one and they gave me Moroccanoil Treatment.  This is a hair oil that you apply to damp hair and then leave in.  This one is for all hair types and the few other Moroccanoil products I’ve tried have been great so I’m happy to have this bottle that will last a while.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what new goodies the boxes reveal!

Happy Holidays!!

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