Foot Cardigan December 2015

Foot Cardigan is a monthly delivery of socks.  They are $9.00 a month with shipping being an additional $2.00 per pair.  They offer a men’s or women’s plan though if the socks are really cool they might ship out the same for both sexes.  You can pay by the month or you can purchase a longer plan up front.  If you really want to feel special or if you’re buying a subscription for someone else you can also add gift wrapping for $2.00 a month.  If you go with the year subscription you get one month free.  If you want more then one pair a month you can add on plans and they will send you different pairs of socks.  They also offer a kids sock plan that sends out 2 pairs a month.


This month the socks are Jelly Beans.  No confusion or having to think about the name this month for me.  They are very fun and cute and I kinda want to put them on now and wear them.  Still sad that there was no festive theme at all.  I want more Christmas socks!!!!!

I wear the socks I’ve been getting from them all the time.  Even if I have other pairs(and I have tons) I still pick out the Foot Cardigan ones because they are so fun and comfortable.  I know socks might seem like just one of those afterthoughts you throw in your cart at Wal-Mart but I really do prefer fun socks.  I have socks for most holidays and occasions so I think this will be a great way to get a few more unusual ones that are different from what I find in stores.  If you want to try them out I can send you a link to get 10% off your subscriptions for as long as you stay with them. It’s not huge but it will almost pay for your shipping fees. You can also check out their website here.

Glossybox December 2015

Glossybox gives you 5 deluxe samples of beauty products a month for $21.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Canada but do get cheaper with longer terms.  The buzz on the interweb feels that Glossybox has one of the best packaging of any of the boxes.  Every month they curate a selection of high-end, niche, and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes that they send out and I’ve been happy with their offerings so far.  They have been shipping to Canada for a little while now and most of the time you get the specialty boxes.

20151226_153300 20151226_153309

The box this month is soooo pretty!!!  I just love it!  I’ve been giving them to my mother after I’ve emptied them and I’m kinda tempted to keep this one even though I can’t come up with a use for it off the top of my head.

20151226_153323 20151226_153330

The info card has a few bonus things going on this month.  There is a coupon to get a complimentary beauty service at Estee Lauder and a 3 step method to look less fatigued. The usual stuff is there too.


Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve-$11.00 Full Size

I didn’t realise they did their own brand of makeup.  This colour is really great actually.  It is lighter than you would think and has a great shimmer to it.  I’ve had a bit of a lack of makeup in boxes lately so this makes me more excited than I should be but we won’t let that bother us at all.


MTJ Cosmetics High Definition Mascara-$21.00 Full Size

Mascara is the one thing I don’t need more of since I try to use up a tube before cracking another one.  This one is supposed to be long lasting and not smudge or flake off.  I guess we’ll find out.


EMK Beverly Hills Supra Face Cream-10mL $27.56

I am stunned at how expensive this is!  This is good for your face, neck, and decollete and promises to plump, firm, and protect the delicate skin in those places.  It can be used morning and night but with such a small sample it won’t go very far.


Color Club Nail Polish in Feverish-$8.50 Full Size

This is a nice wine colour that I don’t think I have in a polish yet.  It gives a fairly solid colour in just one coat and the brush is nice too.  I have a bit of a rainbow hand going on right now from trying different colours but they all kinda blend in and look okay.


Lashfood Conditioning Lash Primer-4mL $10.00

I received a different lash primer a while ago but I cannot remember to use it ever.  This one helps to strengthen lashes and separate and lengthen as well.  Maybe I will remember to use it if I leave it out on the counter…..

This month’s box has a value of $78.06, which is closer to normal than last month was.  Three full size items this month and one half size.  Only the moisturizer is a small sample.  This box is more expensive than the other beauty ones I get but it really is worth it for the stuff you get.  I am rarely sad after checking it out and you always get full sized products mixed in.  I have just a few months left for this one so I’m a bit sad to see it end.

Doodlebugs Busy Bags December 2015

One  subscription I’ve started getting for Bug is Doodlebugs Busy Bags.  The website describes them as….”DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 10. DoodleBug Busy Bags keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity. Once completed, the crafts may be used as learning tools, decorations, toys, or given away as gifts. DoodleBug Busy Bags are fun, easy to complete, and help develop motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.”  Bags are $23.99 including shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.  This months theme is Christmas.


The included paper shows you the finished projects and depending on the craft gives you a tip to do them or lets you know that some of the additional parts are in the big bag it ships in.


“Santa Stop Here” Doorknob Hanger

There was a whole lot of excitement this year for Santa and while this bag did arrive before Xmas there was no time to get into it.  We will be sure to have this done up for next year.


Christmas Train Sign

You just need to add the toys to the top of the train and give it some wheels to get this one done.  It’s cute and Bug will enjoy it.


“Legend Of The Gingerbread Man” Christmas Ornament

After you build your gingerbread man you can read the story which gets tied on with a ribbon.  I don’t think I know what the story is behind these so it’ll be a learning time for me too!


Metal Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament

Stringing bells on a pipe cleaner?  Perfect craft to take up time in between family and food and the major things that always leave kids wanting attention this time of year.

20151226_154721 20151226_154823

Loopy Christmas Wreath

The paper strips all have adhesive on them to hold them into loops but then they give you a glue stick to attach them to the paper base. Serious adult help needed here.


3D Reindeer Stable

I hate these kind.  I seem to have some type of blockage when putting them together and then they fall apart after like five minutes with much yelling and tears on both sides.  They are really cute though.

As noted before all of these crafts are from Oriental Trading but since I don’t have to purchase them in large quantities off the site and everything we need to create is included in the bag, I like this. If you need glue or anything else that does not come in the prepackaged craft they make sure it’s in your bag so you really do not have to run to the store. It’s also nice that each of these crafts are fairly quick and we can do them in the short time between bath and bedtime when we need to be winding down.  The next months theme is going to be Winter but I think our subscription is up with this one so I don’t know if we’ll get it or not.

Advent Calendars Day 23,24,25

Well Christmas happened and I had a bunch of other things I needed to try to finish before Santa arrived and getting this post up was not part of them. I hope you all had a great holiday and that you received whatever was on your list.  Here are the last few days worth of things that my calendars handed out to me!


Day 23 started out with Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion from LookFantastic.  This cream gives you a quick reduction of lines and wrinkles so you can be smooth and youthful for whatever your plans are.


The FaceShop sent a Sparkling Wine Face Mask.  This one adds resilience to your skin.  There has been quite a selection of masks out of this one and I am not going to complain about it at all.  I love using them and the fact that all of these ones are the paper kind you wear makes them fun too.


Last up on this day was Selfridges and an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black.  I am really starting to like this type of liquid eyeliner.  They are basically just a felt marker and go on easily, smoothly, and with no mess.  The fact that it gives a great line is just a bonus for me after all that.


Day 24 was the last day for both Selfridges and The FaceShop.  Selfridges was up first and they gave me Cowshead Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion.  This blend of scents is supposed to revive the mind and restore balance.  It does smell nice and during this crazy week I can use all the balance and soothing that can be provided by any means.  It absorbs really fast and I didn’t feel greasy or heavy after using it.


LookFantastic went back to a favorite brand and  sent Nuxe Face Cleansing And Make-up Removing Gel.  The Nuxe products always smell great and contain honey as one of the things that makes them work.  This is the first time I’ve received a cleanser from them and I think it’ll be just as good as their oil and lotions I’ve tried.


The last thing FaceShop gave was an Eyelash Curler. I hate these things and I never use them and I think I now have four of them.  I know it’s just me but I never have the time or inclination to ever put one of these on my lashes.  I don’t notice to much of a difference and really can’t be bothered.


LookFantastic had a bonus day for the 25th and this is what was inside, Tangle Teaser Professional Detangling Brush.  This will be great for the girls.  I am used to just pulling through my knots so I don’t worry about it but Bug especially hates having them pulled out so with a bit of spray and this it should become less of a struggle.


Kawaii Box November 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  I love this box and I haven’t been able to find stationary boxes that come close.

20151221_211258 20151221_211332

The card this month was sooooo cute!  Underneath things were colourful and I could see Pocky!

20151221_211746 20151221_211759

I was wondering if they would be sending me another calendar.  The one I got last year was very cute and I had been hoping for one.  This one has room on the back of the pages to write notes to yourself while still keeping my desk cute.


There is a adorable little Christmas card this month.  Inside has just enough space to write a short message to whoever you send this out to.  It would work as a gift tag too.


Xmas Puffy Stickers

Just in time for the last few letters out this month are some awesome puffy stickers filled with Santa and his friends.  These are some of my favorite things to get in this box.


Rain Boot Pen

This pen writes well, with a black gel ink.  I have not had any issues with the pens I’ve received from them and a bunch of them have been similar to this so I’m thinking they come from the same company and are all comparable.


Nora Band Highlighter Set

These are about 4″ long and all have a little cartoon character on them.  They would be super cute for school supplies but I’ll find some use for them.  I’ve got a new project coming up soon and I’m sure I’ll need to mark some papers for it.

20151221_211427 20151221_211439

Kawaii Plush Beans

Is this not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen???  There are three little bean balls that can come out of the pod or be zipped up all cozy.  Love it!


Strawberry Pocky Biscuit Sticks

I’ve never had the strawberry ones but I since I like the other flavours I’ve tried are good I have little doubt I would enjoy these too.


Kawaii Fruits Hair Pin Set

Bug is going to love these.  We always nee barrettes for her hair since it’s so fine and the cuter the better.  Yay for these!


Cute Bunny Canvas Pouch

This little drawstring bag will also go to the kids and be filled with whatever treasures  they can find in the first five minutes after they grab it.


Squishy Emoticon Bread Charm

This looks like a bun with a chocolate face drawn on it.  I still have no idea what to use these for and they are all in a drawer.  Squishy and fun they are though.


Harajuku Bag Charm

This is the oddest collection of things on a charm I have ever seen.  It has a stretchy bracelet, a clay rainbow, a plastic chain, and  a bell.  Curious little thing.

I have been thinking about cancelling this box because the exchange rate is so not in my favour that it’s getting a bit expensive.  I do like this box and all the things in it so it’ll be a hard decision.



Advent Calendars Day 19,20,21,22

So even being on holidays I can’t get these daily posts out.  Only a few days left and then I can stop stressing about it.  Here anyways are the items from the last 4 days and best wishes for the holidays!

We’re going to switch things up a little and do the items by calendar as opposed to by day, as I have been.

First up….The Face Shop.

20151219_180428 20151222_155357 20151221_211009 20151221_210919

The last four days have given me a wide variety of items to play with.  We have a Nature Garden Cleansing Bar in Softening Grape.  You can smell the grape scent through the paper and I think this will be a nice soap.  It is handmade and is supposed to be gentle enough for even your face.  Trendy Nails Basic Original Polish was actually today’s offering.  This is the second polish they’ve included so far but while last time was a red red this is a purple that stands out.  It has the same great coverage as the red and will be another good summer colour.  Real Nature Face Mask Lemon was in there and I have managed to use one of the masks from them I received before and it was good so having another one is not a bad thing.  This one is supposed to brighten your skin while leaving you soft and healthy. Lastly is a Seaweeds Moisturising Pack.  This is a night cream obviously that helps give your skin its moisture back.  With it being cold and windy here for the next four months this will come in handy.

20151219_180414 20151222_155411 20151221_211038 20151221_210907

These are the products from LookFantastic and it’s another big mix.  From the 19th we had Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Graphite.  I know this would be good for a smoky eye but it’s so dark for everyday use.  I like the brand and the fact that it’s mineral makeup though so I guess that makes up for it.  The 20th was the Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash.  I think maybe I’ll give this one to my hubby.  It smells very manly to me and I’m not sure I want people to be undecided if a man or a woman just left the room.  I’m more of a floral kinda person really.  The 21st took us back to the tanning.  St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion.  This works by giving you a quick tan that lasts for 24 hours and then is gone.  Makes me think of Jersey Shore…or I guess Geordie Shore since it’s British.  I’m always so sceptical of using these but the test spot I tried was actually not so bad.  Today provided Eve Lom Cleanser.  The instructions tell you to use a muslin cloth in the process and they even gave me that too.  I have to say that this smells horrible though.  I’m hoping it works well because then the smell can be just a little bit of a thing you have to deal with.

The final items came from Selfridges and again there was nothing in common with anything else.

20151219_180401 20151222_155348 20151221_211056 20151221_210940

Erborian CC Creme was in there.  This is a high definition radiance face cream and skin perfector.  It also has SPF 25 in there and I’m thinking I’m going to really like this stuff.  I wish it was a bigger sample.  Next is Caudalie Divine Oil.  I have no idea how to use this but it says Face, Body, Hair on it so maybe I can simply put it everywhere?  It smells good and makes me look all glowy.  First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay was next and I have to say that the other FAB products I’ve used I didn’t like but maybe this will be the one that changes my mind.  The final item for these few days was Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick.  I’ve had a few different Lord & Berry products and love them all.  This one is no exception.  It does have the same issue as almost all matte lip products in that it makes your lips feel very dry.  There is no rubbing your lips together once it’s on.

Once you see a few days worth of items together you can really see the variety of items you are getting in these calendars.  With only a few days left I’m really excited to see what the big finishes will be.  Let’s hope I can share them with you in a timely manner too.

Little Life Box December 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!

20151208_210915 20151208_210927

A very festive looking inside to the box and there was also a card that listed a few of the items that can be found inside.


Once I opened the paper this is the pile of stuff I found.  Looks good!


Naked Teas Organic Morning Cheers Hangover Tea-10g $1.37

I’m not sure which of the ingredients is so helpful that it makes your hangover go away but since I haven’t been drunk in years I’m hoping that this tastes good just to drink.

20151208_211018 20151208_211203

Almased Dietary Supplement-25g $1.67 x 2

These are a supplement that you can add to any cold liquid and drink.  It says it will increase metabolism and energy and help blood sugar and thyroid stay at healthy levels.  I’ll toss these in a smoothie and see how it goes.  I care more about taste then function honestly.


Feast Nutty Cranberry Bar

This bar is so soft!  It is gluten, lactose, and cholesterol free.  It is full of seeds and nuts and has an assortment of dried fruit mixed in as well.   This is going to be a work snack I think.

20151208_211039 20151208_211152

Ohso Probiotic Chocolates in Chocolate and Orange-98g $9.99 x 2

Okay so this has to count as a treat and not a supplement since each piece has 70 calories in it, however because it’s good for you you can still eat one peice a day and not be too concerned.  They are both gluten and nut free and have 1 billion probiotics per bar.  Each package has seven bars in it and it’s Belgian chocolate to top it off so I’ll enjoy each one.


Say Yes To No… Sour Cream & Onion Toasted Bread Chips-75g $2.99

I’m all for crispy flavoured things that make me think I’m eating what I want instead of it being something healthy and boring but it’s hard for me to stop at half a bag of something, which is what I’d need to do to not consume way too many calories eating these.  I do like sour cream & onion flavour though so I’m going to try to make this work for me.


Rock Your Skin Cacao Buddy Scrub-$18.99

This is an all natural scrub made with cacoa, honey, and olive oil plus sugar, rice and maple syrup.  It exfoliates and moisturizes and they say it smells great but I don’t want to open it up yet so I’ll trust them on that.


Urban Spa The Tough Nut Facial Buffer-$3.00

I think this is the third Uran Spa item I’ve received from them but they all have been good and I’ve liked them so keep ’em coming LLB.  This is made from ground walnut shells and will scrub you gently and make your skin glow.  I like to use these in the shower so I don’ t have to worry about cleansing after I get out.


Cal-Mag Ionic Liquid-20mL

This combo of calcium and magnesium helps with your bones and teeth.  You’re supposed to take two tablespoons daily which means this will last about two days.  Not sure if that’s enough to make a difference but I suppose some is better than none.


Duckish Lotion Stick-10g $7.00

This is an unscented lotion stick and I have never understood why you would want this.   I like lotion to be liquid personally.  This really does have no scent and is softer then the other solid lotions I’ve tried so maybe for an after bath moisturizer it will be good.

20151208_211142 20151208_211214

Me Maxeffects Eye & Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner-5mL $0.25 x 2

I have received these samples in some other box before and I think I liked them.  Anything that means I get to skip a step in my skincare routine is a good thing.  This requires no rinsing or other steps, just put onto a cotton ball and wipe your face clean.

This month’s  box had 13 samples in it.  The site is back up to normal with pricing or links to where to buy items so I was able to work out that the value is $57.17, which is one of the higher ones I’ve ever got from them. I like this box and have found a bunch of things I would never have bought that either work really well or taste good.  I tended to dismiss most products like this out of hand as not good or too tree huggerish so I’m pleasantly surprised with the items.

Advent Calendars Day 18

Well it’s another crazy day here but I’m getting things done and getting through a few dvr’d shows before I run out of room on there.  I opened up the doors marked 18 today and let’s see what was behind them.


The FaceShop had a Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strip.  I used the charcoal one they sent a few days ago and this one will be used soon too!  I just love these things.  I know it’s kinda gross but seeing all the stuff they pull out is so satisfying.


LookFantastic went with Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic.  This is a spray that you apply that reduces redness and adds calm to you.  It seems really strongly scented at first but within a couple of seconds you don’t even notice it anymore.  I don’t normally have too much redness to worry about but can use calm in my life all the time.


Lastly today we have Eyeko Black Magic Eyeliner from Selfridges. This makes a very fine line and while it is a bit smudgy it seems to have some staying power.  I’ve used other Eyeko products and like them so this one will be no different I’m sure.


Karepax November 2015

Karepax is a monthly box that sends out an assortment of candy and comics.  They offer a bunch of plans ranging from single months or just comics to full years worth.  Plans start at $26.00 and go up from there based on what your getting and how long you sign up for.  The site currently says only shipping to the US but I have a plan and so I’m not sure if that’s true or not.  I went for the Retro package which sends out snacks, candies, comics and a cheesy DVD  each month.  I had a bit of trouble getting my box and in fact am missing what should have been my first box but they have been very helpful and quick in responding to my email concerns.  This is the first box I received and it looked like a whole bunch of fun.


I didn’t get a shot of the freshly opened box but it was crammed full.  There is no card listing your items but there is this letter and it talks about the various countries the candies are rom and let’s you know that not every box is the same.  It also talked about a  Halloween box that was available and that while they will try to send you no obvious nut items if you let them know they cannot promise there is nothing nut in each box.


These are so good and I used to buy them just at my local grocery store.  The Hello Panda cookies are filled with a few flavours but these ones are chocolate.  They have cute little sports pictures on them and I want to eat them but I will let the girls have them.


These are Bimbo Conchas.  They are a Mexican chocolate pastry.  They kind of look like a big bun but I guess that they are chocolate flavoured.  I’m not sure what these taste like and I’m a bit leery but they are soft and I’m sure very tasty.


Glico Pocky sticks are another one of those that I had bought and eaten.  These are the chocolate flavour ones but they do make a few others and all are delicious.


Next out was a Vanilla Charleston Chew.  I have eaten these but never in my life have I seen one that is so big!  Also it says to try it frozen and I can only think that would result in broken teeth.  This one is still wonderfully soft and flexible and I can only stare at it longingly.


Oh Double Bubble….so great for the five minutes before your jaw locks up trying to chew it.  This is another one that I didn’t realize came in such a large size.  Normally I only see this gum around Halloween and it’s single pieces.


These are Parle 20-20 Butter Cookies.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  They have a cricket player on them and say they are the “Choice Of Champions”.  My hubby loves cookies that are not sweet so I’m thinking these will be a hit for him.


Sina Orange Ginger Chews are in here too and they are a bunch of individually wrapped soft chews in this box.  I gave one a try and the first taste is all orange but then the ginger kicks in and they are a little spicy.  My tongue is tingling.  Good though.


These are Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks.  I have never understood why anyone wants to eat wax.  You can just take the top off and drink them or eat the whole thing.  I don’t get it.


Also from Parle we have some more cookies.  Fab! Orange Flavoured Choco Chip Sandwich Cookies.  This combo looks delicious and I think they will go over here well, like the other cookies.


This is a Mangosteen Pudding cup and I’ve seen these in the stores but I’ve never tried one.  It looks a bit Jell-o like in texture.


These are an American candy that I’ve never seen here but have seen recipes that call for them.  They are a pressed sugar disc and are probably not something I would normally eat anyways but that’s the fun of this type of box.


This is the collection of small candies they promise to include.  A bunch of them don’t have english names but short of the ones that say coffee flavoured I’m thinking I’ll like them.


Hi-Chew Green Apple Fruit Chews were also in there and while I’ve never had this flavour I have eaten these before and like them.


The last candy item is Pop Rocks Pumpkin Patch Orange.  They are a mix of orange and green candy and I’m not sure if they are pumpkin flavoured but I think that would be gross.


My DVD for the month is Disc 5 of Sci-Fi Classics.  This is a double sided DVD and has four episodes of Hercules.  I’m thinking the 60’s live action version.  I’m sure it’s horrible and I love it.


With the Retro pack you get double the comics in each box.  The first one is a smaller comic, Plants vs. Zombies.

20151127_100231 20151127_100323 20151127_100313 20151127_100304

These four seem to be new comics.  I haven’t read a comic in years so I have no idea what’s good or not.  I’ll read anything though and I can pass these on to Hubs to take to work when I’m done or maybe save them up and give them to my brother as a gift…..

20151127_100254 20151127_100243

These last two are what I remember comics being like. Newsprint and a glossy cover.  These ones are from 1975 and 1989 respectively and look as cheesy as I could ever want them to be.

For my first box I’m happy.  I’m now waiting for the next one and hope it gets here soon.  They can’t offer me tracking because it’s to Canada but they ship out around the 27th of each month and it can take anywhere from 3-12 days to arrive.  With the crazy shipping of Xmas going on I’ll give them a bit more before wondering where it is.


Advent Calendars Day 17

Well it is evening but it is the correct day so that’s excellent.  I’m almost on holidays and getting excited for Xmas and these little gifts on the way just keep that up.


First up today we have Selfridges and and provided Ole Henrikson Truth Serum.  This is an all skin types collagen booster and vitamin c complex.  I for some reason tend to have a little bit of a reaction to vitamin c serums.  The two other ones I’ve tried cause me to get hives and then my skin just turns all flaky and dry.  I will do a tensy little test patch of this one before I go full face and hope for the best.


The FaceShop went back to some makeup today and gave me Freshian Volumizing Mascara.  This is full sized and black so that makes it perfect.


Just because that’s the way life works LookFantastic also sent a mascara.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash in Black.  I really do have enough mascara now to get me through a year but I enjoy Rimmel makeup and am happy with this.