Good Luck Sock Sock Of The Month Club Welcome Pack

Good Luck Sock is a Canadian company sending out a variety of different sock styles and types.  They have an online shop, a few different monthly options and did I mention they are Canadian?  The sock of the month club offers you one pair of funky socks makes it to your mailbox each month.  You can order a 6 or 12 month plan or opt for the Bakers Dozen, which is the 12 month plus a welcome pair of socks.  Plans start at $72.00 and shipping is free.  The style of sock you will get each month is random but they do promise not to send you out the same pair twice.  They offer a men’s or a ladies option and you can also send these as a gift to someone.

20151127_095320 20151127_095330

So I ordered this on the 24th and this welcome pair arrived on the  26th.  Crazy.  I the mailer bag was this card saying welcome and letting me know what plan I signed up for on the back.

20151127_095353 20151127_095401

These are the pair I received.  They are a cotton/poly blend and feel quite think actually.  I like the anchor theme and while I would hope for something seasonal in my actual order I think for a first taste of the company these are good.  The message on the back of the label says “Change Your Luck. Change Your Sock.”

I can’t wait to see what other designs I get from them.  I love that they are from just a province over and the quality seems good.  I’ll have more to write next time after I try these out!

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