A Few More Advent Calendars!

So in my attempt to find a better version of a beauty advent calendar I have found two more to go with the one I told you about a couple of days ago.


First up is the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar.  This one also came all the way from the UK to get to me.  It contains in their words, “Our ultimate selection from the beauty workshop at Selfridges”.  In case you don’t know, Selfridges is a department store that carries mostly higher priced brands.  This one was 50 British Pounds plus 25 Pounds shipping.


It has a very cosmic feel to it and I’m excited to see what it all contains.


Next up is The Face Shop Beauty Advent Calendar.  The Face Shop is a division of Fruits & Passion and I found out about this one from a Chatelaine article.  This one says it’s full of regular sized  beauty products.  This one was $69.00 Canadian.


All the doors are very festive in this one and I just love opening them up one at a time.  I’m one of those people who never rips into presents, I carefully unwrap them, so I think the waiting makes each day better.


On the back is an actual list of everything inside but I’m not peeking!!!!

I think this is the last of the ones I found that I wanted.  There are plenty of others out there but I either thought them too expensive or filled with things I didn’t want.  I will try to make sure I post what I get so you can follow along and see if maybe next year you want to try out any of these for yourself.

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