Bespoke Post November 2015

Bespoke Post is a monthly box geared towards men. Their box is called the Box Of Awesome and it gives you a themed bunch of items each month.  Boxes can cover food, drink, style, or grooming and they normally have a fairly high value.  Each month they let you know what the new one will be and you can choose to get it or pass for the month.  Boxes are $45 a month in the subscription or you can buy one offs of ones you like for $55.  Shipping to Canada is $10 a month.  I have always wanted to get these boxes for Hubby but they are above what I feel comfortable paying.  Luckily Groupon was running a deal on these and I was able to grab a three month subscription for $79.  You can find quite a few subscription box deals on Groupon if you keep your eyes open for them.


This months box is called The Butcher.  This box is super nicely packed and nothing we have received has ever been broken or damaged.  The little booklet tells you about all the wonderful things that they packed in and also some tips relevant to the theme.  This time it has tips for properly using a knife.


Brooklyn Butcher Blocks-$79.00

This block alone paid for the whole three boxes I received.  This is so awesome I can’t even describe it.  It is just over an inch thick and made of maple and cherry.  We needed new board and it is so beautiful and I just want a whole table made from this.  These are handmade by a guy named Nils Wessell and joined with a long grain build, which helps it last longer and stay easy on your knives.


Creminelli Sopressata Salami-$12.00

You had a choice this month to get this salami or you could get a vegetarian option.  My hubby doesn’t do vegetarian and loves salami so there really wasn’t much of a choice on our end.  We haven’t tried this out yet but I’m going to take a guess that it will be very good and fantastically tasty.


Bee Local Honey Sticks-$1.20

They include these so you can top your cheese with them or if you want add them to tea.  They are a raw and unpasteurized honey, which is really good for you, provided you are not a baby or pregnant.


Ft.Greene Farms Pickled Mustard Seed & Charred Sriracha-$2.00 & $2.25

To make your meat taste even better they have included some condiments to add to the taste.  The mustard seeds add a bright shape flavour while the sriracha adds kick.  I won’t touch either of them but I think that small batch products are great and deserve  to be supported.


Camp Drinking Chocolate by Treehouse Chocolate Co.-$3.00

This is a blend of dark coffee and chocolate and Hubby had it tonight and said it was really good.  Sounds like a mocha to me but I’m glad he liked it and since this box is for him that’s what matters.

This was the last of our boxes from Bespoke post and all have been very good.  Hubby has truly enjoyed everything we’ve received.  The products have been high quality and they ones we’ve used all were good.  This box had a value of just under $100.00, which is just wow.   All of the boxes are available as one time purchases so you too can have any of the ones you’ve seen us get if you want to spoil your man.


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