Candy Box October 2015

Candy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you out a selection of candy from Canada, USA, Mexico, and Asia.  It’s a bog mox and you never know what you’re going to get.  They offer two different box sizes, mini, having 7-12 items and big, having 15-20.  The mini starts at $20 a box and the big $40.  Shipping if free for Canada and the US.  This is another box I picked up on a Groupon so I managed to snag a three month big box subscription for $45.60 instead of the regular $114.99 price.  Groupon is carrying more and more plans and the deals are super, so if you hear of a box you like make sure you check them out first.   I had been wanting this one for a while but there was no way I would spend that kind of money on candy.


This box came full!  There was no info card or packing slip telling me what was in here but it’s candy, not rocket science.  I have to be honest though…..I forgot I had ordered it and it arrived three days before I started my new diet.  I actually and literally cried.  I love sweets and was so sad that I will either have to put this away for a long time or share it with family and co-workers and I can’t eat it.  I did manage to eat some of it in the few days before my diet though…..I mean really how could you not?


First out of the box was E.frutti Gummi Candy Fried Egg, which somehow is peach flavoured.  Next we have some Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans.  I’ve never tried the sour ones and now I never will but I’m sure they are delicious.  Tootsie Tropical Dots were there and I don’t think you can get these in Canada normally.  The only time I’ve ever seen Dots are at Halloween in a Tootsie mix and they are not the freshest then.  These were soft and wonderful and I ate every last one of them.  Last up for this batch were Mike And Ike Lemonade Blends, another one I’ve never seen here.  I’m going to get a candy dish for my desk and people can be rewarded for visiting me at work.


In the chocolate section of the box we found a Hershey’s Cookies’N’Creme chocolate bar.  I’ve not had one for years but they are good in small doses.  Whoppers Malted Milk Balls, another one I eat very rarely but they are good. There was a big box of Nestle Butterfinger Bites, which I ate and loved.  I have only seen the whole bar or the mini size ones around here but these might be available.  Now they are gone and can tempt me no more.


I’m calling this the pure sugar section.  We start off with a Candy Necklace, which will probably go to Bug at some point.  Then we have some Smarties, which I know came from the US since we call these Rockets.  A Blue Razz Berry Blow Pop is in there.  Next up was a box of Chewy Lemonheads Tropical.  I had no idea there were chewy ones or that they came in other then lemon flavour.  Finally we have a box of Nerds in Peach and Wildberry.  I don’t think I’ve bought a box of Nerds since I was in elementary school.  I dig the strawberry ones personally.


It really is a never ending box of candy. I tried the Chewy Spree and they were good.  They remind me of some type of candy I’ve had before but I can’t think of what it was.  The Slo Poke Chewy Caramel Candy is interesting. It’s still soft and bendy but I haven’t tried it so no idea what it’s like.  Sweetarts Ropes are new to me and I ate them up.  I need to find these again!  At the bottom of the pile we have Wild Berry Skittles.  I love Skittles in all of their varieties and the berry ones are near the top of that list.  20151023_144859

Haribo Twin Cherries are some of the best gummi candies  on Earth.  I wish they were calorie free as well as fat free….sigh. Sour Smog Balls????  What the heck are those?  I’m sure the kids will like them. Maybe.


Lastly we have a Slush Puppie Twist-N-Lik in Cherry flavour and a pack of Bubble Yum Cotton Candy gum.  I LOVE cotton candy gum!  I don’t think I can get Bubble Yum anymore here so I’m so stoked for this.

I received 20 items in the box and they all seem like winners to me.  If I had payed full price I might feel a bit ripped off but I think that they work the shipping costs into the box prices so that’s why it seems high for a bunch of $1.00 candy.  That being said I really really really wish I could eat everything in here.  Stupid diet.  Maybe I’ll settle for sniffing everything and get a sugar high that way.



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