The Beaver Box Fall 2015

This is my second Beaver Box.  They are a quarterly Canadian women’s box that will include something fashion, food, beauty, and home, plus always a little extra!  They source as much as they can from their local area but do have items from all across Canada.  This is the box I was expecting to get as my first one. Boxes are $55.00 per quarter or you can get a yearly subscription for $200.00.  Let’s see what we got that is just for the Canadian woman.


Under the lid it was all neatly wrapped up and the info card was taped in place.  It just says how much they like fall, and that these fall inspired items should bring warmth and coziness.  It also lets me know the Winter box is scheduled for January.


The reverse of the card tells you what you got and a little bit about each item. It also has the websites these things can be found on.


The box was really heavy and once I opened it up I could see why.  It smelled amazing too!


The actual item is the coffee cozy from Sun Creations Emporium, $4.00.  The branded ceramic travel cup is a bonus I guess. I have been thinking I needed to make myself a coffee cozy since my hands get too hot with a take out cup os this makes my life easier.


This body butter is made by Wilderness Soap Co. and smells so nice!  It is 100% vegan and made with natural ingredients.  This sells for $15.00 on their etsy site.  It’s a big jar and I really love that they select Canadian companies to source stuff from.  This is out of Ontario.

20151021_181210 20151021_181235

These are what scented the whole box up.  They are a pumpkin spice tea light and as an added benefit they return a portion of their profits to Ontario Beekeepers.  This 4 pack sells for $3.50 and while I have a strong dislike for pumpkin anything if I’m eating it, the smell is so seasonal!


This is an antiqued brass chain with a raw brass triangle pendant.  I’m unsure how I feel about it.  I think it’s maybe just not really something I would ever pick up so maybe I need to give it a try for a few days and see if it rows on me.  The artist sells this necklace on her site for $9.53.


These are maple buttercream chocolates made by Chelsea Chocolates.  They are hand molded in Craighurst Ontario and I am so sad because I started a diet about a week ago and these are so not on it.  I know that if I give in to trying these I’ll be led down a path that I’m trying to get off of.  Maybe I’ll just smell them before I give them to my husband.

Box two was as good as the first.  They once again covered all the categories promised.  I like that the companies are Canadian and that all of these items are available to me, which isn’t always the case.  The box had a value of $32.00 plus the chocolates, whose website was down.  That is lower then what I paid but I’m hoping that will change next month.    Canadian boxes are not to common so I’m liking this one for the variety provided.  If you want to check them out click here.

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