Bowzer Box October 2015

Since our BarkBox subscription ran out I decided to get just a six month plan of another one for the pups. There are lots to choose from but I went with a Canadian one that wasn’t hugely expensive. Bowzer Box sends out a selection of treats and toys carefully selected to make you and your dog happy. You start off by selecting your dog size from small, medium, or large. You then pick a term from 1,3, or 6 months. All plans automatically renew but there is a slight discount for the longer terms. Boxes start at $29.00 a month and there is a $4.50 shipping charge also. They donate 10% of the fee to dogs in need, so you get to feel good about helping without having to do anything.


You couldn’t see much of anything with the first peek this time.  This bag of treats covered everything.

20151020_160537 20151020_160546

Way down at the bottom under everything was the info card.  As kind of expected the them is Halloween.  The reverse side lets you know what is in the box, where you can find them, and where they are made.

20151020_160329  20151020_160415

NatuRAWlS Dehydrated Dog Treats

We got two of these, chicken foot and I think lamb lung.  They are not marked so I’m going off visual clues.  These are made in Canada and I’m sure Archie will be thrilled to get them.  There is no pricing on the site so I’m not sure of retail but they sell them in bags of lots not individual packets like this.


Darford Grain Free Premium Oven-Baked Dog Treats-340g $8.99

This is a huge bag of treats!  They are also small enough that I could give them to Freckles as well.  This is the turkey variety but they have many others.  They are totally free of corn and soy along with being grain free.  They are filled with lots of fruits and vegetables too.


R2P Chewbots-$10.00

This is one of those tough toys.  We don’t ever believe those claims in this house.  Archie can destroy a toy in no time.  He once ate a tin can.  Seriously.  This has a squeaker in the square part and the rest is just stuffing.  He seems to like it.  It has lasted one day so far.  Maybe this one is actually hard to chew up.


Amelia Biscuits

These are a handmade dog treat, made of grains, fruit, and vegetables.  They help to clean your dog’s teeth as they chomp em down.  These ones are listed as a Christmas biscuit but obviously they are Halloween ones since they are pumpkin shaped.


Zukes Clean Apple Crisp-Z-Bone

This is a breath freshening dental chew.  It is grain free and has added vitamins and minerals.  It does come with a warning that it may stain light coloured flooring so you need to make sure of where your pup is eating this.


Not listed on the card but included was a roll of poop bags.  These are good in an emergency but I have a big dog, with big craps and these are really thin and made for smaller dogs I think.

Box two was better then one.   There still was only one toy and a few of the treats don’t seem to be really sized for the 50+ pound dog size I selected.  I don’t have a value this month since a few of the items are made by small local companies.   I do like that all the companies are Canadian and using local ingredients when possible.  If you want to check them out visit their site by clicking here.

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