Little Life Box October 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!

20151009_124024 20151009_124039

So fall perfect!!!  They really do take that extra time to make sure the paper and post card are seasonal and beautiful.  Box is stuffed to the top again.


Tyrrell’s Veg Crisps

I like sweet potato chips but I’m not sure how much I’ll like the chilli part.  I’m going to have to hurry up and eat them though as they expire on the 14th.  Oddly they do not have these listed on the LLB site, which I think is a first for me.  These are imported from the UK and I hope they are good.


Elan Coconut Smiles

Maybe the site is not completely updated because these aren’t there either.  These are roasted coconut pieces and that’s it.  They are organic, gmo, and gluten free.  Oh and let me add delicious!  I never buy coconut like this, just the shredded stuff for baking but I should because I always eat it when I am at my brothers.


Buddy Fruits Coconut Milk & Tropical Fruit Blend-$1.75

This is a squeeze tube of blended fruit.  I always buy the yogurt kind for the girls and don’t much care for them myself.  I’m thinking I could substitute this in for one of theirs and it would be good.  This contains a whole serving of fruit and no weird things.


Made Good Strawberry Granola Minis-$1.25

So these look delicious too.  They are little balls of granola, feels like about 9 in there.  I like that instead of the bar you can pop one in your mouth and not have the sticky mess to deal with.  Probably won’t share these….just sayin’.


Herbamare Bouillon Cubes

I almost never use vegetable bouillon but it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand.  I had previously received a salt substitute sample from then and I love it so I’m sure once I need this it will be tasty.  There are 2 cubes in the pack and they are also Vegan.


Splendor Garden Ground Cinnamon

This sample of spice is organic and Canadian.  With Christmas baking coming up soon more cinnamon is just what I need.  It looks the same as what I have in my cupboard right now and I’m going to assume it may taste better just being Canadian.


Urban Spa Foot File-$3.00

This foot file is made to be used wet or dry and on all areas of the foot that have a callous you want removed.  I find that having to wear socks and shoes for the next 6 months make my heels not so nice.  Now if I could just find the time to have bath alone I might get to use this.


Jnantik Mayan Coffee Alternative-$3.33

I don’t have a clue what this is. I thought tea was your coffee alternative.  This makes you a cup of instant “coffee” and is made from brosimum alicastrum seed.  I don’t drink regular coffee so I will pass this on to Hubs and see if he likes it.  Seems odd to me.


Choice Organic Teas Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea Bags

I don’t drink Earl Grey tea either.  I’m a herbal kinda girl.  However….Hubs loves Earl Grey and I’ll just toss these into his bunch and he’ll probably never even notice the difference.


Herstat Natural Cold Sore Treatment

There really is an odd bunch of stuff in the box this month.  This cold sore cream helps to heal up sores in less time than just letting them be.  It also is supposed to help relieve pain from them.  If I get one I guess I can try it out.


Gardener’s Dream Assorted Samples

This package contained five packets of various samples.  I got a Citrus Body Scrub, Hand and Body Cream, Facial Moisturizer, Face & Body Wash, and Ohm Facial Moisturizer.  They seem to have a whole line from the enclosed pamphlet and are all made in Canada.  They have no chemicals, toxic elements, or parabens.

October’s  box had 16 samples in it.  I don’t have a value this month since a whole lot of the items are not listed on their site like normal.  I like this box and have found a bunch of things I would never have bought that either work really well or taste good.  I tended to dismiss most products like this out of hand as not good or too tree huggerish so I’m pleasantly surprised with the items.

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