WelliBox September 2015-Updated


I’ve just received an email from WelliBox informing me that the company has been sold.  All remaining boxes in my subscription, and I’m guessing everyone’s, is being refunded.  They also say we will shortly be getting an email from the new owners who will want us to resubscribe to the new box but that of course is up to us.  They said thank you for subscribing and hope we have enjoyed it.  I guess we’ll have to see what the new company will be offering.

WelliBox is a Canadian box focusing on healthy options.  It sends you 5-10 samples per month and you can choose your category from womens, mens, 50+, or performance.  Boxes are $10 per month, less with longer plans,  and you are promised $25 worth of products.  Since I’m trying to get healthier and lose some weight I thought it would be a good idea to get a box that might help me out.


This month the box was oddly heavy on one side.  Upon opening that reason became obvious.  There is never a info card with them though occasionally there is literature on one or more of the products.


Slumberland Smacks Sleep Squares-$9.95/box

The big items in the box this month are three one week supplies of natural sleep aids.  I’m going to copy the info from their website since that will give you the right info without me interpreting it in some way. “Sleep Squares is unique in its design and unmatched in its effectiveness by providing all the necessary building blocks needed to allow the body to metabolize your three principle sleeping components: Serotonin, Melatonin, and Acetylcholine. By elevating these levels naturally, Sleep Squares is able to help smooth out your sleep cycle “speed bumps” and provide that much needed assistance against a variety of moderate to severe sleep related issues, whether they stem from work, stress, diet, lifestyle, or any other of the countless problems we experience that disrupt our sleep.  Sleep Squares uses all natural active ingredients in three categories. First is Traditional Herbs, used to help relax the body and mind and allow for an easy transition into sleep. These include Passionflower, Hops, and Vervain. Second is Sleep Nutrients, used to help fall asleep and maintain sleep throughout the night. These include 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Choline, and a small amount of Melatonin (300 mcg). And third is Vitamins and Minerals for optimal sleep and health. These include a B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. It is the synergistic effectiveness of all these ingredients combined, working together at very low levels, that produces the amazing results of Sleep Squares without any side effects, even on the first night. Get the sleep you deserve with the taste that cannot be beat.”  I received one box of orange and two raspberry flavoured chocolates.  The only issue I have is that I am still breastfeeding and as such cannot try these.  They also expire on 17 October so I can’t save them till I’m finished either.  I will probably end up giving these to Hubs to see how effective they are.  He does have some trouble staying asleep so these might help.


Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie in White Chocolate Macadamia-$3.29

This will be the second Lenny & Larry’s cookie I’ve received from my boxes and I hope this one is better.  The first one I had was Lemon flavoured and I couldn’t eat the whole thing.  I love sweets so that’s saying something.  These cookies are made with no eggs or dairy, they are vegan, have no cholesterol, trans fats, or anything artificial.  Might be why I didn’t enjoy the other one.  This one has chocolate though so how bad could it be?


TracHealth Chia+ Coconut Water Bend Drink-$2.08

This is the third variety of these I have received and one I loved and one was not so good.  I originally was weirded out by the chunky parts that float around but the one was so tasty I quickly got over it.  This supplement is made with non-gmo vegan ingredients.  It is meant to be like a sports drink to revive you after a workout but I just use it in my water bottle to drink at work.


Xyience Xenergy Drink in Cran Razz-$1.79

So this has zero calories, is sugar free, has all natural colours and flavours,and is carbonated.  It uses that ever popular energy source taurine plus caffeine to give you a boost.  I used to drink energy drinks occasionally and then I once tried a Red Bull and it really affected me.  I was wired for hours and made startling observations that whole time.  I haven’t touched one since then.  I guess maybe it would be time to try again.  I’ll save it for a bad day at work when I need something just to get me though.

20150922_110009 20150922_110020

The only info this month was a card letting us know about Rhea Mehta, who is a health coach.  It tells you a bit about what she does and also gives a recipe for a healthy snack.  If I was looking for a coach I have a friend from high school who is one so I’d pick her but I guess everyone is not that lucky.   But you know what you should be…..here’s a link to her blog and you can see for yourself how she does things!

This month has a value of $37.01, back over the promised value of $25. This month is a bit sad for me since I can’t use alot of the items, however that doesn’t mean it’s a bad box.  I use prices from Well.ca, where I would have get them if I wanted more, since there is nothing included to tell me otherwise. I like that I get to try out a bunch of supplements I mostly have never heard of and it gives me a chance to decide what I might need or should be taking.  I am still cautious with reading the labels since I do still breastfeed my little one and some of these things want you to discuss taking them with your doctor in that situation, but that is to be expected with any new supplements. The last few boxes have been really good and the supplements have long expiry dates making more likely I can finish them before they go bad.

6 thoughts on “WelliBox September 2015-Updated

  1. Did you ever get your refund? It was supposed to be done by now, but I have not recieved it. The sleep aid was aweful! It made me sleep WORSE! Had that awake feelng all night, like my brain would not shut off, even though I was asleep.


    • Did you pay Wellibox by credit card? I did so I called MasterCard and they were very helpful. wellibox will have a chance to respond to my claim against them but it looks good that I will be refunded by MasterCard.


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