Bespoke Post September 2015

Bespoke Post is a monthly box geared towards men. Their box is called the Box Of Awesome and it gives you a themed bunch of items each month.  Boxes can cover food, drink, style, or grooming and they normally have a fairly high value.  Each month they let you know what the new one will be and you can choose to get it or pass for the month.  Boxes are $45 a month in the subscription or you can buy one offs of ones you like for $55.  Shipping to Canada is $10 a month.  I have always wanted to get these boxes for Hubby but they are above what I feel comfortable paying.  Luckily Groupon was running a deal on these and I was able to grab a three month subscription for $79.  You can find quite a few subscription box deals on Groupon if you keep your eyes open for them. Now for three months Hubby has a box again and we got to choose from any of the available boxes in the shop for our first box.  I picked Briefs.


The boxes show up like this.  It says Bespoke post on the side and has this logo on top.


Once I opened it up I could see the included info card and some wrapping paper.


Inside of the card they give you a rundown on what was included and why it’s awesome.  There is also a bunch of tips on the best ways to get rid of body hair for guys, including pros and cons on each method.


This is what I found under the paper.


Briefs included three pairs of Mack Weldon boxer briefs.  These have a bunch of features that I guess make them wonderful and comfortable for guys.  As a woman comfort in underwear is not the first thing I’m looking for.  On the back of these is a set of instructions for you to only open and try out one pair.  If they don’t fit you can return them for another size, provided you followed those instructions.  These go for $24  a pair!  That is so much more than I would ever pay for my own underwear! Wow.  They must be exciting.


Also included this month is Balla Powder.  Hubby uses talc all the time to keep things from chaffing so this is great!  This stuff smells super manly and I know he’ll use it all up. This is just a small sample worth $1.75 but there is plenty for a few days.

For the first box from them, I’m happy.  Hubs seems to like the boxers and the talc so that’s a win too.  The box has a value of $73.75, so just above the $70 they say will be a minimum for each box. I will for sure be cancelling this one after my Groupon is over but the next couple of months should be interesting and I can’t wait till we get the selection email letting us know the next available boxes.

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