Lip Monthly August 2015

Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription box that sends out a selection of lip products.  You also get your selections in a reusable makeup bag.  Lip Monthly is $10.00 a month, with reduced rates for 4 month or annual plans.  You also can accumulate points that can be redeemed in their shop.  Shipping to Canada is an additional $5 a month but this is still a really affordable subscription. They used to ship out in a plain mailer but have stepped it up and now it’s a gold mailer.


Ooohhh….it’s a new bag this month.  Not even as smelly as normal either.

20150901_153322 20150901_153328

The card has gone back to being a bit more informative too this month.  Maybe they just had a bunch of people on holidays over the summer and so cut things back.  They say they wanted to honour summer being almost over by sending out a bag and products that are super  chic.


Mirabella Lip Pencil in Pop-$25.00

I thought I had received this exact same thing before but it turns out I got Sweet not Pop before.  This is a really orange shade and while it doesn’t look too bad on I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.  It glides on easily and is not sheer so you get good coverage.  I’ll have to think on it.


Starlooks Ultra-Matte Longwear Lip Stix-$7.00

I’m a bit confused by this one.  It looks like a lip liner but goes on feeling like lipstick.  It is matte and very dry once it’s on so you can’t even rub your lips together.  It’s also PINK, really PINK.  Starlooks has their own monthly box so it’s a bit odd that they would send out their product in another one but I guess maybe it’s a way to get people to their site.


City Color Lip Butter in Delight-$3.99

This I like.  This is more like a lip balm then a lipstick.  It makes my lips feel nice and it gives just the barest hint of colour to them.  Sometimes the least expesive item really is the best.


So Susan Light Diffuser in Cocoa Dust-$18.00

The makeup mix-up this month is an illuminator-bronzer duo.  You can use them separately to do the different thing or blend them together.  Surprisingly to me, both colours look good on my skintone.  The darker shade doesn’t look fake and the highlighter has just the absolutely slightest shimmer to reflect light.  I may actually use this one.

This months bag has a value of $53.99, which is really good.  There were three full sized items, and the lip stix is half size.  This month I like everything but the lip crayon, and that’s only because of the colour. If you like lip products them this might be a good one for you.  They are definitely a hit or miss bag for me but when they are good, it’s really good. If you would like to sign up I’d love it if you’d use my link.


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