Kawaii Box July 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  I love this box and I haven’t been able to find stationary boxes that come close.  This is my favourite box hands down!!!!!


Once you lift the lid you find some branded wrapping paper and an info card.


The back of that card has a list of your items for this month.


Under that paper is all of the fun!  There is a mix of candy, stationery and accessories.


Kracie DIY Chain Candy

These seem to be a hard sugar candy, like a Rocket, that you can join up together to make a chain.  I have a huge sweet tooth so I’m a fan of any candy.

20150901_140503 20150901_140511

Squishy Doughnut Mirror

This is so cute but you could never put it on your keys or in your purse because the sprinkles will fall off.  Beyond that I think it’s great and a nice change from the plain old squishy.


Dessert Eraser

This is a piece of pie eraser.  I have a nice little stash of erasers that I keep hidden from the children so that they don’t get ruined or used.  MINE.  I may have a problem.


Kawaii Toast Coaster

This is a chunk of wood.  Shaped like toast, with a face.  We don’t have a coffee table so no real need for coasters but someday maybe I’ll need this.  I could take him to work and put him beside my giant bacon eraser.  Hmmmmmm…..


Pastel Pearl Bracelet

While I could wear this, it will go to the girls.  It is plastic and on a stretch elastic so they can play with it without me worrying about them breaking it.


Korean Glitter Glue Set

This so has to wait until the gilrs are older before they can play with it.  It has six different coloured glues and four large glitter shapes that can adorn whatever needs to be sparkled up.

20150901_140539 20150901_140550

Rilakkuma Notes

STICKY NOTES!!!!!!!!!! My absolute favorite thing to get in this box and they rarely disappoint.  This little booklet opens up and there are every size of pad you could want or need in your daily job to let people know how you’re feeling.


Mushroom Mini Plush

Again SO CUTE!  I love this too and it is about 4 seconds away from being my new keychain.


Cute Pencil Set

This is a set of five number 2 pencils, all with different designs on them.  There’s a 50/50 chance that these might not disappear from my desk.


Flake Seal Stickers

This little box contained a small bag of glitter stickers.  There are a bunch of shapes and sizes and they seem to mostly be bears and hearts.


Alpaca Keychain

This is cute and might have to join the mushroom on my keys.  They really like alpacas it seems.

20150901_140645 20150901_140659

Also in the box are some cards letting you know about the various boxes they offer and the Blippo site.

As usual I like this box, just incase you couldn’t tell. The stuff is fun and cute and brings me happiness.  If you have any interest in Kawaii then you should get this box!

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