WelliBox September 2015-Updated


I’ve just received an email from WelliBox informing me that the company has been sold.  All remaining boxes in my subscription, and I’m guessing everyone’s, is being refunded.  They also say we will shortly be getting an email from the new owners who will want us to resubscribe to the new box but that of course is up to us.  They said thank you for subscribing and hope we have enjoyed it.  I guess we’ll have to see what the new company will be offering.

WelliBox is a Canadian box focusing on healthy options.  It sends you 5-10 samples per month and you can choose your category from womens, mens, 50+, or performance.  Boxes are $10 per month, less with longer plans,  and you are promised $25 worth of products.  Since I’m trying to get healthier and lose some weight I thought it would be a good idea to get a box that might help me out.


This month the box was oddly heavy on one side.  Upon opening that reason became obvious.  There is never a info card with them though occasionally there is literature on one or more of the products.


Slumberland Smacks Sleep Squares-$9.95/box

The big items in the box this month are three one week supplies of natural sleep aids.  I’m going to copy the info from their website since that will give you the right info without me interpreting it in some way. “Sleep Squares is unique in its design and unmatched in its effectiveness by providing all the necessary building blocks needed to allow the body to metabolize your three principle sleeping components: Serotonin, Melatonin, and Acetylcholine. By elevating these levels naturally, Sleep Squares is able to help smooth out your sleep cycle “speed bumps” and provide that much needed assistance against a variety of moderate to severe sleep related issues, whether they stem from work, stress, diet, lifestyle, or any other of the countless problems we experience that disrupt our sleep.  Sleep Squares uses all natural active ingredients in three categories. First is Traditional Herbs, used to help relax the body and mind and allow for an easy transition into sleep. These include Passionflower, Hops, and Vervain. Second is Sleep Nutrients, used to help fall asleep and maintain sleep throughout the night. These include 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Choline, and a small amount of Melatonin (300 mcg). And third is Vitamins and Minerals for optimal sleep and health. These include a B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. It is the synergistic effectiveness of all these ingredients combined, working together at very low levels, that produces the amazing results of Sleep Squares without any side effects, even on the first night. Get the sleep you deserve with the taste that cannot be beat.”  I received one box of orange and two raspberry flavoured chocolates.  The only issue I have is that I am still breastfeeding and as such cannot try these.  They also expire on 17 October so I can’t save them till I’m finished either.  I will probably end up giving these to Hubs to see how effective they are.  He does have some trouble staying asleep so these might help.


Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie in White Chocolate Macadamia-$3.29

This will be the second Lenny & Larry’s cookie I’ve received from my boxes and I hope this one is better.  The first one I had was Lemon flavoured and I couldn’t eat the whole thing.  I love sweets so that’s saying something.  These cookies are made with no eggs or dairy, they are vegan, have no cholesterol, trans fats, or anything artificial.  Might be why I didn’t enjoy the other one.  This one has chocolate though so how bad could it be?


TracHealth Chia+ Coconut Water Bend Drink-$2.08

This is the third variety of these I have received and one I loved and one was not so good.  I originally was weirded out by the chunky parts that float around but the one was so tasty I quickly got over it.  This supplement is made with non-gmo vegan ingredients.  It is meant to be like a sports drink to revive you after a workout but I just use it in my water bottle to drink at work.


Xyience Xenergy Drink in Cran Razz-$1.79

So this has zero calories, is sugar free, has all natural colours and flavours,and is carbonated.  It uses that ever popular energy source taurine plus caffeine to give you a boost.  I used to drink energy drinks occasionally and then I once tried a Red Bull and it really affected me.  I was wired for hours and made startling observations that whole time.  I haven’t touched one since then.  I guess maybe it would be time to try again.  I’ll save it for a bad day at work when I need something just to get me though.

20150922_110009 20150922_110020

The only info this month was a card letting us know about Rhea Mehta, who is a health coach.  It tells you a bit about what she does and also gives a recipe for a healthy snack.  If I was looking for a coach I have a friend from high school who is one so I’d pick her but I guess everyone is not that lucky.   But you know what you should be…..here’s a link to her blog and you can see for yourself how she does things!

This month has a value of $37.01, back over the promised value of $25. This month is a bit sad for me since I can’t use alot of the items, however that doesn’t mean it’s a bad box.  I use prices from Well.ca, where I would have get them if I wanted more, since there is nothing included to tell me otherwise. I like that I get to try out a bunch of supplements I mostly have never heard of and it gives me a chance to decide what I might need or should be taking.  I am still cautious with reading the labels since I do still breastfeed my little one and some of these things want you to discuss taking them with your doctor in that situation, but that is to be expected with any new supplements. The last few boxes have been really good and the supplements have long expiry dates making more likely I can finish them before they go bad.

La Papierre Stationery Subscription Service September 2015

La Papierre is a stationery subscription service.  The have three different plans depending on how much paper you want/need each month.  Plan A gives you 6 notepads with 4 sheets each for $10.00.  Plan B gives you 6 designs with 8 sheets each for $20.00. Plan C gives you 6 designs with 24 sheets each for $40.00.  All plans have free shipping in Canada. This subscription is based out of Quebec (well it was, the owners have just moved so this is changing) and they have an Etsy shop as well where you can purchase stationery sets in addition to notepads.  You used to get a few new designs and a few best sellers.  Now you get all new ones each month.

20150926_173413 20150926_173431 20150926_173450

I am happy with these three!  The cat one is cute, the Halloween one is awesome, and the sailor one is just plain fun!  I have actually already used some of the sailor one for letters and I hope the recipient is as thrilled as I was with it.

20150926_173502 20150926_173532 20150926_173521

More lined pages!!!  My favourite.  I feel that I need to write really small on unlined paper so I’m glad for the lines.  I never really am drawn to the ones that feature people on them but that’s just my own preference.

I was getting low in my stash of their paper so this couldn’t have come at a better time, and I’ve already used a few sheets from this batch.  I really like La Papierre.  As I mentioned I just went with Plan A so there is only 4 of each style.  I like that  I only spend $10.00 here, so that leaves me room to convince myself I could buy paper elsewhere too.  If you want some paper for yourself click here to get to their website.


Little Life Box September 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!

20150915_181014 20150915_181031

The first and second views of this box.  It’s so pretty and the included post card is a nice touch.


Stash Organic Tea-2 bags $0.23 each

We are getting to that time of year when tea is a welcome addition to an evening routine.  They sent me a Premium Green and a Cascade Mint and I like both.  I’ve had Stash teas before but this will be my first time trying their organic line.


Fourmi Bionique Gourmet Dried Fruit & Nuts-60g $2.23

This is a mix of cranberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, almonds, and chocolate.  It’s really tasty and has enough sweetness that you don’t want to eat all of it at once.  It has only 280 calories in the whole package but still.


Sunbutter Original Sunflower Spread-2×1.1oz. $0.41 each

They sent out  the creamy variety and while we are lucky enough to not have any allergies to deal with we also have liked the non-peanut butters we have tried.  Each one of these tubs has 2 tablespoons worth in it so that will do for a breakfast each.


Sisu Multivitamin U Cubes-2x2pc $0.42 each

Bug is getting a multivitamin a day so I’m happy to try new ones.  They sent out one that’s calcium & D3 and one that is a multivitamin.  They are naturally sweetened and coated with tapioca crystals.  I think the complaint I may get is that they are not shaped like something.


Grandma Emily Organic Granola-2x40g $0.59 each

This is a blend of oats, nuts, and coconut sweetened with agave nectar.  I eat these just straight out of the bag as a snack.  They give me the crunch I am usually looking for when I want something.


Bach Rescue Night Melts-28’s $10.25

These are a non habit forming sleep aid.  They use White Chestnut essence, which helps to switch off the mind.  I have been using some meditation to help me drift off.  I know that since I’m still nursing my little one that I won’t be using these soon but they don’t expire till next June so there should be a time eventually.


Bounce Spirulina Ginseng Kick Ball-$2.33

This is a mix of almonds, oats, and seeds.  I have tried a different flavour of these balls and it was good so I am optimistic of these.  This one is an energy boost.  Lord knows there are days I need that.


Larabar Uber Crunchy Nut Bar-$2.83

This is dark chocolate pecan with sea salt flavoured.  It is gluten free, kosher, non GMO, low sodium, and a source of fibre.  It’s sad to me to notice that I could eat that whole bag of granola from above or this one bar and get the almost same amount of calories.  It just seems wrong somehow.


Theobroma 72% Dark Chocolate Bar-10g $0.78

I do not really care for dark chocolate so this will go to Hubs.  He loves it and has a few pieces every night.  This is an organic treat and since I was not entirely paying attention Bear has ripped it open and eaten a little bite.  She apparently doesn’t care too much for it either since she spit it out and now I have a gross mess to clean up.


Land Art Liquid Vitamin D Supplement-20mL $1.32

I do take a pill form vitamin D but I’m always glad to get more.  I’m well aware my diet is lacking in a few things so I’m topping up.


I Love… Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath-30mL $0.36

This smells so nice!  While the kids will probably get to use this I am going to attempt to get at least one alone bath with it.  This is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart so if we really like it, it’s simple to get more.


Mori-Nu Soft Silken Tofu-340g $1.39

There is no way my hubby will eat this so I’m going to have to sneak it into a dip maybe at Xmas or Thanksgiving.  I am not a huge fan of tofu but I will eat it occasionally.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the soft one though.

20150922_112151 20150922_112159

I don’t think I’ve ever included a picture of it before but each month there is also a tip from Bright Almond.  This month it’s about what foods are beneficial to your kids brains.

September’s  box had 16 samples in it.  However three of those were  multiple samples of the same things.  The value was $24.79.  I like this box and have found a bunch of things I would never have bought that either work really well or taste good.  I tended to dismiss most products like this out of hand as not good or too tree huggerish so I’m pleasantly surprised with the items.


Lip Monthly September 2015

Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription box that sends out a selection of lip products.  You also get your selections in a reusable makeup bag.  Lip Monthly is $10.00 a month, with reduced rates for 4 month or annual plans.  You also can accumulate points that can be redeemed in their shop.  Shipping to Canada is an additional $5 a month but this is still a really affordable subscription. They used to ship out in a plain mailer but have stepped it up and now it’s a gold mailer.


It’s a new bag style this month and this one didn’t have that overpowering plastic smell that has been common with them.

20150924_162945 20150924_162955

The info card this month is back to just the basics, what you got and how much it cost.


Jing Ai Velvet Crayon in Pink A Boo-$22.00

This is the second Jing Ai crayon I have received from them.  It is a different colour thankfully.  This goes on kinda like a bubblegum pink that goes great with my current pink hair.  I like it.


Noyah Gloss in Summertime Peach-1.7mL $6.00

I’m very shocked to get a sample sized lip product in this one.  They have never yet sent out anything but full sized ones.  This is a great colour and I want more of it.  This is a natural product made with no sulphates, parabens, or phthalates.  They included a 20% off code for their website to get more.


Be A Bombshell Crayon in Shameless-$16.00

I seem to get a Be A Bombshell product every couple of months in different boxes.  So far I’ve been lucky enough to not get any duplicates.  I love this one!!  It is a shimmery rose colour and I want to wear it all the time.  It’s my favorite item this month ahnds down.


Jelly Pong Pong Highlightling Pen-$17.95

I guess highlighters are the it item of the summer because I think I’ve gotten one a month for a while now.  This one can is used the same as all the rest except it is in pencil form so it’s easier to line your eyes or apply it precisely where you need it.

This months bag has a value of $61.95, which is really good.  There were three full sized items and the one anomaly.  This month was a good one for them.  I can’t wait to use every thing. If you like lip products them this might be a good one for you.  They are definitely a hit or miss bag for me but when they are good, it’s really good. If you would like to sign up I’d love it if you’d use my link.

Glossybox September 2015

Glossybox gives you 5 deluxe samples of beauty products a month for $21.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Canada but do get cheaper with longer terms.  The buzz on the interweb feels that Glossybox has one of the best packaging of any of the boxes.  Every month they curate a selection of high-end, niche, and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes that they send out and I’ve been happy with their offerings so far.  They have been shipping to Canada for a little while now and most of the time you get the specialty boxes.

20150924_163448 20150924_163458

They have a really nice info card.  It is triple folded and not only tells you what you got but also a tip on using it and full size pricing.


My first look in my box.  I really dislike the squiggles but they do keep my stuff safe during it’s long trip.


12 Benefits Love At First Lather Foaming Hair Shampoo-50mL $9.00

Surprisingly this is a full size bottle.  I’m guessing that since it comes out foamy you use less and so a smaller bottle lasts for you, even though you are to use 10-12 pumps. I have never used a pre-foamed shampoo before but it is supposed to provide natural sunscreen, repair the texture of your hair, and protect the cuticle.  It has sunflower extract and coconut oil in it giving it all the good benefits.


Stiks Cosmetics Lipstik in Red-$15.00

This is the oddest looking lipstick I have ever seen.  They say it’s designed to be applied with one hand in under five seconds.  I don’t know about that but it is a really nice pure red colour.  I don’t wear much red lipstick since it seems a bit out of place at work but it’s always good to have one.


Biossanse The Revitalizer-4mL $1.71

This facial moisturizer is made with squalane, which they tell me is a naturally occurring emollient.  It has a little dropper applicator and should get rid of your dry skin.  I think this would be good for a night time moisturizer since it is kind of oily and left my skin very shiny until it absorbed after a bit.  It has no scent whatsoever.


Emite Make Up Artist Colour Powder Blush-$22.00

This blush is huge!!!  No seriously, it has a diameter of 3″.  I thought it was going to be super dark and not great on my skin but it actually works.  It is definitely for shading and definition but fades out to blend in perfectly.


Nails Inc Uptown Nail Polish-$9.83

This is not full sized, which seems odd.  Anyways this polish has plumping agents in it that help it last.  They call it a dusty rose colour that I thought I wouldn’t like looking at the bottle but on my nails it looks nice.  I would never ever have picked this bottle up in a store so this is one of those items where the box did it’s job.

This months box has a value of $57.54 which is double what I pay for it.  There are three full sized items, one 2/3rds sized item and one sample sized that will last a long time.  I like all of the items but know that the lipstick won’t get worn all that often.   This box is slightly more expensive then the other beauty ones I get but it really is worth it for the stuff you get.  I am rarely sad after checking it out and you always get full sized products mixed in.

Doodlebugs Busy Bag September 2015

One  subscription I’ve started getting for Bug is Doodlebugs Busy Bags.  The website describes them as….”DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 10. DoodleBug Busy Bags keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity. Once completed, the crafts may be used as learning tools, decorations, toys, or given away as gifts. DoodleBug Busy Bags are fun, easy to complete, and help develop motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.”  Bags are $23.99 including shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.  This months theme is Superhero.

20150922_112311 20150922_112519

This is what I pulled out of the envelope.  Bug is REALLY into superheros right now so this couldn’t have come at a better time.  This whole group of items and crafts is going to be a huge hit.  The item on the right is a Superhero Pocket Folder.  Inside of this is a sticker scene for you to create and a DIY comic book.  The comic might be a little to advanced for Bug but she’ll have fun placing the stickers on it even if she doesn’t make an actual comic.


The sheet that comes with everything has a picture of every finished item and if there are any extra instructions or steps for completion they will be listed here as well.


Superhero Cape

This just made my life so much easier.  We usually just use a hair clip on a tea towel.  This isn’t a craft but I know it’ll be so enjoyed that I don’t care.


Color Your Own Superhero Mask

There were three options for different masks.  You get to colour it in as you want with the included pencil crayons and then there is an elastic to string through so you can wear it.  This will go well with the cape.


Magic Color Scratch Superheros

You use the little pen to scratch off the black and reveal the colors underneath.  You can make any design you want to and there are two included out of four possible superheros.


DIY Superhero Shield

This is a paper plate you decorate with the crayons and stickers.  Once you’ve got it as you want then you attach the elastic and you have a shield.  They included glue dots for this but we might have to beef that up.

As noted before all of these crafts are from Oriental Trading but since I don’t have to purchase them in large quantities off the site and everything we need to create is included in the bag, I like this. If you need glue or anything else that does not come in the prepackaged craft they make sure it’s in your bag so you really do not have to run to the store. It’s also nice that each of these crafts are fairly quick and we can do them in the short time between bath and bedtime when we need to be winding down. I think this will be Bugs favorite box yet.



Bespoke Post September 2015

Bespoke Post is a monthly box geared towards men. Their box is called the Box Of Awesome and it gives you a themed bunch of items each month.  Boxes can cover food, drink, style, or grooming and they normally have a fairly high value.  Each month they let you know what the new one will be and you can choose to get it or pass for the month.  Boxes are $45 a month in the subscription or you can buy one offs of ones you like for $55.  Shipping to Canada is $10 a month.  I have always wanted to get these boxes for Hubby but they are above what I feel comfortable paying.  Luckily Groupon was running a deal on these and I was able to grab a three month subscription for $79.  You can find quite a few subscription box deals on Groupon if you keep your eyes open for them. Now for three months Hubby has a box again and we got to choose from any of the available boxes in the shop for our first box.  I picked Briefs.


The boxes show up like this.  It says Bespoke post on the side and has this logo on top.


Once I opened it up I could see the included info card and some wrapping paper.


Inside of the card they give you a rundown on what was included and why it’s awesome.  There is also a bunch of tips on the best ways to get rid of body hair for guys, including pros and cons on each method.


This is what I found under the paper.


Briefs included three pairs of Mack Weldon boxer briefs.  These have a bunch of features that I guess make them wonderful and comfortable for guys.  As a woman comfort in underwear is not the first thing I’m looking for.  On the back of these is a set of instructions for you to only open and try out one pair.  If they don’t fit you can return them for another size, provided you followed those instructions.  These go for $24  a pair!  That is so much more than I would ever pay for my own underwear! Wow.  They must be exciting.


Also included this month is Balla Powder.  Hubby uses talc all the time to keep things from chaffing so this is great!  This stuff smells super manly and I know he’ll use it all up. This is just a small sample worth $1.75 but there is plenty for a few days.

For the first box from them, I’m happy.  Hubs seems to like the boxers and the talc so that’s a win too.  The box has a value of $73.75, so just above the $70 they say will be a minimum for each box. I will for sure be cancelling this one after my Groupon is over but the next couple of months should be interesting and I can’t wait till we get the selection email letting us know the next available boxes.

Bowzer Box September 2015

Since our BarkBox subscription ran out I decided to get just a six month plan of another one for the pups.  There are lots to choose from but I went with a Canadian one that wasn’t hugely expensive.  Bowzer Box sends out a selection of treats and toys carefully selected to make you and your dog happy.  You start off by selecting your dog size from small, medium, or large.  You then pick a term from 1,3, or 6 months.  All plans automatically renew but there is a slight discount for the longer terms. Boxes start at $29.00 a month and there is a $4.50 shipping charge also.  They donate 10% of the fee to dogs in need, so you get to feel good about helping without having to do anything.  Our first box arrived so let’s take a peak inside and see what Archie got.


The box is just a regular cardboard box with a Bowzer Box sticker on one side.

20150918_134821 20150918_134833

There was an info card with the box.  This month is all about Back To School and making sure your pup doesn’t feel to bad now that the kids are not home all day to play.  They say there are a toy to keep them busy and a box full of healthy snacks to make them forget all about people being gone.

20150918_134842 20150918_134851

Once I tool the card out there was the Dogs Love It paper and under that I could see a toy and a treat.  The box is not all that big but it was almost full so that’s nice.


Ethical Pet Dura-Brite Durable Chew Toy-$7.49

This chew toy does not squeak or do anything actually.  It has raised nubs to help clean your dogs teeth and the sides are able to be opened so you can stuff treats or peanut butter into it.  I’m not sure how much Archie will like this empty but we’ll see.  It’s soft enough that he can get a good chew on it if he tries.


Oven Baked Traditions Peanut Butter Treats-$3.99

This is a Quebec company that uses natural products to make a tasty but health treat for dogs.  These ones are made with pumpkin and flavoured with peanut butter.  They are a hard crunchy treat that I’m sure Archie will love.


Village Fare Baked Beef Liver Treats-$8.82

These are made by an Ontario company and have no added colours, additives, or preservatives.  These look just like beef jerky but I have no interest in giving them a try.  The only ingredient is beef liver so that’s good.

20150918_134955 20150918_134946

Northern Biscuit Bark! Lamb Berry Dental Chew and Big Biscuit-$1.96 & $1.00?

I cannot find the Big Biscuit pricing anywhere but based on a bag of their regular ones that seems close.  This is another Ontario company.  The Bark one is full of things to help clean your pups teeth as they chew.  The only issue is for Archie this is a two biter so I’m not sure how much it will help.  The Big one will be a nice treat when he has been a really good boy or we need him to not be a pest for a few minutes.  Both are made with ingredients I can recognise and pronounce and since Archie has eaten a pop can before these will be delicious to him.

I’m not too sure how I feel about out first box.  I wish there had been more then one toy and a few of the treats don;t seem to be really sized for the 50+ pound dog size I selected.  The box has a value of $23.23, which is what I pay for the box without the shipping fee.  I hope the next few are more impressive.  Maybe we got spoiled by BarkBox.  I do like that all the companies are Canadian and using local ingredients when possible.  If you want to check them out visit their site by clicking here.

Kawaii Box August 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  I love this box and I haven’t been able to find stationary boxes that come close.  This is my favourite box hands down!!!!!

20150912_180223 20150912_180237

This month looks just as wonderful as the others have been.  I can see a few interesting things but the main one on top is totally lacking any English, so I have no clues as to what might be in there.


Kawaii Neko Plush

So this just got stolen by Bear, who spotted it on the table as I started to write this out.  This one is one of the cutest ones I’ve received, which is saying something since the plushes have been adorable.


Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case

I think I should maybe use this in my purse since I can’t keep a pen in there if my life depended on it.  You would be able to get about five pens/pencils in there no problem.  It snaps shut and I think would stay that way even getting bumped around.


Macaron Ink Pen

This is a black ink gel pen with a dangly cookie charm.  It writes very well and says Desserts So Sweet on the side.  I love pens and though I have more than enough to get me through the apocalypse I never turn down more.


Cloud Memory Letter Set

I’m not sure how this is a letter set.  I got six envelopes, all with a different mood on them.  They are cute and fun.  I think I would have to put them into another envelope to use the though as they have to image right where you would put the address normally.


Korean Deco Tape

This is a roll of washi tape that is gingham checked just like the background of it’s box.  I am not one of the people who can’t get enough washi but I do use it to seal my envelopes before I mail them.


Polka Dots Shoe Laces

I just have lace up shoes for work and I don’t think I’d want to put fancy lace laces on them.  I do like these though and I will just have to wait until I get a different pair that I can make these work on.


Popsicle Squishy Charm

This one is so odd.  The nut ‘”sprinkles” are little pieces of wood.  This will join the growing pile of them in my cupboard at work.  Also odd, no one has asked me about them there.  I’m thinking it might not be a secret that I’m a nerd…….


Mini Animal Spray Bottle

This is as described.  If you take off the bear lid it is a pump sprayer with a twist off cap so you can put in what ever you want.  I don’t know what I’ll use it for or of the girls might just get a new toy out of it.


Alpaca Tin Case

This would be a good little change purse.  It’s not really big enough to do much else with but has a zipper all around the the outside and is about an inch thick.


Puffy Paradise Stickers

These are very summer themed puffy stickers.  I know that love of stickers should have stopped in Grade 6 but I love getting, using, and receiving them.  I like that these have all sizes because sometimes you have space for just a tiny one and sometimes you can best express yourself with a big one.


Naru Naru Gumi Nomi DIY Candy Kit

So if I can follow the drawn instructions you make a plastic tree, mix a few powders in the dish, let your tree sit in each one and you get gummi balls to eat.  Also there seems to be sprinkles to add on once you’re done.  I have found the candy kits are pure sugar blasts but so far they have always worked for me following the pictures.


As usual I like this box, just incase you couldn’t tell. The stuff is fun and cute and brings me happiness.  If you have any interest in Kawaii then you should get this box!


Birchbox September 2015

With Birchbox you get monthly boxes of five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile. They promise to help you try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.  They also say you will never receive the same product twice.  Birchbox runs at $10.00 per month plus $4.95 shipping but you can get yearly plans for $100.00 plus shipping as well.  This makes it one of the more affordable boxes out there. Each box is different and reflects the theme of the month.20150918_151016 20150918_151034

This month’s box is a reminder that You’re Beautiful.  Inside are my items, smaller ones bundled inside the turquoise box.

20150918_151048 20150918_151058

This month they say they are  celebrating us, the subscribers.  They say thank you for all the interaction and  included a gift code to get 20% off in the shop.


100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream-8mL $7.80

This is the best smelling eye cream ever!!!!!  I might be odd but to me it smells exactly like the Exhibition, that crazy combo of fudge, candy apples, sugar and deep fried food.  I also might be hungry.  Anyways…..this uses the caffeine to reduce fine lines and dark circles.  It is also a vegan product.  I just want to sniff it all day.


BioRepublic Skincare Cucumber Breeze Soothing Mask-$7.00

I have received this mask before in a different box and liked them.  After I had finished with it Bug was so intrigued by it that she wanted to wear it as well.  Nothing creepier than a four year old in a paper mask looking like a serial killer.  This mask helps to calm skin and minimize the look of pores.  I do a mask once a week so this will join the que.


Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Blow Dry Spray-30mL $4.51

I don’t use a blow dryer so this will just get used as a spray to hopefully get the growth and volumizing benefits without it.  This has ginseng and biotin in it and is supposed to coat and separate each strand.  It can’t hurt to use it.


Cynthia Rowley Beauty Liquid Liner in Cobalt-$21.00

So this is really blue.  Beyond that it glided on like it was a marker and it will not budge from me rubbing it.  I wouldn’t normally go for a blue liner but I’m wearing a ruby one today so I don’t see how blue is less odd.

20150918_151137 20150918_151152

POP Beauty Portfolio Eyeshadow Trio in Sugar Plum-$1.73

This is a really nice set of eyeshadows.  I like the plum colour and that you get the three shades for making a complete eye look.  I unfortunately dropped this as I was looking at it and the white shade is missing a piece now. They are filled with shimmer and will make a good finished eye for me when I use it.

This months value for this box was $42.04, which sounds great but remember that half of that is the liner.   I like the box this month and the only thing I could find to complain about is that it would have been nice if the eye products worked with each other.   You get points for reviewing your box items, that you can then use in their store.  If you find a product you love, any item in your box has free shipping for the month also. The American boxes do have a few more perks like selecting one of your samples and a mens box but I am hopeful once they get settled in Canada the same types of options will be available.

If you want to sign up send me a message and I can get you a link.  You can also go to their Canadian site by clicking here.