The Beaver Box Summer 2015

The Beaver Box is a new box for me.  They are a quarterly Canadian women’s box that will include something fashion, food, beauty, and home, plus always a little extra!  They source as much as they can from their local area but do have items from all across Canada.  They try to pick seasonal items for each box and you never know what will be inside.  I was not expecting to get the Summer box, thinking I had subscribed too late and was waiting for the Autumn one when this one showed up. Boxes are $55.00 per quarter or you can get a yearly subscription for $200.00.  Let’s see what we got that is just for the Canadian woman.

20150728_092520 20150728_092539

Beaver Box comes in a plain white shipping box.  Inside that was a card listing a few of the companies included.  On the reverse is a listing of the actual items and websites to get them at.  There was a sheet of tissue wrapping everything up.


Toronto Popcorn Company Gourmet Popcorn in S’mores-300g $1.00

This must be a sampler size because the smallest size available on their website is 1.5qt which would be about 6 times this size.  I love popcorn……’s one of the foods I would pick if I could only eat a few things for the rest of my life.  I’m sure that this is delicious but I’m not opening it yet because I have a few movies DVR’d that I think I shall enjoy this with.


This scarf has no name on it and it is just listed as versatile scarf on the info card.  It is huge though, 5.5’x3′.  It is sheer but the colours are beautiful and it’s light and perfect for adding a layer.  It’s even big enough to be a wrap or a shawl.


Avril Loreti Modern Home Notebooks-$12.00/pair

These are a great little notebook.  They are unlined pages, 3.5x5in, 30 pages each.  I will be throwing these in my purse for notes or to keep the kidlets occupied in an emergency only (I hate sharing my stationery, hate).


Wulfhed Skin Care Body Scrub-70g

This body scrub is made with coffee, pink salt, and oils and it made in Montreal.  It is also vegan.  It smells strongly of the coffee but I’m sure it works great.  I can’t get a price on this one since their website is down.


HASinspiration Yoga Eye Pillow-$13.50

This is a flax seed and lavender pillow to help you relax and meditate.  You can also heat it up or freeze it to use as a cool pack for headaches.  I would give almost anything for 20 minutes of quiet to use this.  Maybe I can convince the Hubs to take the kids to the park for a bit one day.

20150728_092819 20150728_092840

Homestead House Milk Paint in Champlain-30g $6.00

This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve received in a box.  This is actual paint you just at water to and paint on.  It is good for both interior or exterior and is mold resistant.  it is non-toxic and has no VOC’s which is nice.  The sample they sent  will do about 10 square feet, so I need to find a small thing to paint to use it.

Well for my first box I’m happy!  They did cover all the categories promised, but beauty was only the scrub so it might have been just lacking.  I like that the companies are Canadian and that all of these items are available to me, which isn’t always the case.  The box had a value of $32.50 plus the scrub and scarf I couldn’t price out, which I think would get me up to the price paid.  Canadian boxes are not to common so I’m liking this one for the variety provided.  If you want to check them out click here.


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