WelliBox August 2015

WelliBox is a Canadian box focusing on healthy options.  It sends you 5-10 samples per month and you can choose your category from womens, mens, 50+, or performance.  Boxes are $10 per month, less with longer plans,  and you are promised $25 worth of products.  Since I’m trying to get healthier and lose some weight I thought it would be a good idea to get a box that might help me out.


This month was definitely heavier than last month. I was a bit shocked to find a whole mess of packets inside this time.

20150823_175605 20150823_175820

Klean Athlete Klean Recovery Powder-2×56.9g $2.13 Each

These pouches contain a source of carbs and protein to help you recover from your workout.  It also has amino acids to build muscle.  You mix it up in water, one pouch to 12oz.  It has no artificial flavours or sweeteners and contains non-GMO ingredients.  I don’t go to the gym……..I guess this could be just a shake?

20150823_175713 20150823_175801


Garden Of Life Raw Meal Replacement-7×73-83g $5.21

These are a meal replacement shake.  They sent out I guess a weeks worth of one meal.  I got one Cocoa Dream, three Au Natural, and three Vanilla Chai.  These are Certified Canadian Organic, give you protein, Vitamin C & A, Fibre, and Calcium.  They recommend that you prepare these in a blender and that you can mix with juice, water, almond or coconut milk.  I’m not too sure what would be the best tasting option.


Ener-C Effervescent Powdered Drink MIx-9.4g $0.29

I have liked all of the versions of this powder I’ve received.  This one should be like a Pina Colada and I’m intrigued by the effervescent part.


Silicea Direct Mineral Gel in Red Berries-15mL $1.04

This is a gel pouch you just shoot.  It is supposed to help with skin and nails and hair.  It’s freaking me out a bit because it feels really slimy.  It has good reviews online though so maybe it won’t be as bad as I think.


Lorna Vanderhaeghe Shapesmart-7g $1.37

This is another drink mix.  It’s Lemon Iced-Tea flavour, which is great and it is supposed to help increase your energy, burn fat and lose weight.   These drink pouches go straight to work with me and I mix them into my ever present water bottle.

This month has a value of $43.43, back over the promised value of $25.  While I’m glad to get a bunch of the main samples so I can really get a chance to try them out, I’m not big on the shake powders.  Most that I’ve tried never really dissolve entirely in the mix and I go not like that texture.  I use prices from Well.ca, where I would have get them if I wanted more, since there is nothing included to tell me otherwise. I like that I get to try out a bunch of supplements I mostly have never heard of and it gives me a chance to decide what I might need or should be taking.  I am still cautious with reading the labels since I do still breastfeed my little one and some of these things want you to discuss taking them with your doctor in that situation, but that is to be expected with any new supplements. The last few boxes have been really good and the supplements have long expiry dates making more likely I can finish them before they go bad.


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