Dive Bar Shirt Club August 2015

Dive Bar Shirt Club is a monthly subscription that sends out a limited edition t-shirt from a random bar every month.  Each shirt is only available for that month and then that’s it.  Their tag line is “T-shirts from the best bars you’ve never heard of”. Shirts are $22 a month unless you need XXL or XXXL sizes then add $2.50 and $3.50 respectively. Shipping outside of the USA is $5.  They are just a reoccurring subscription so you can cancel anytime before the next payment is due.  This has been a great find as Hubby looks forward to this one every month.  This is our last one of these shirts and now Hubs is after me to find him another thing but there is a serious lack of subs for men if you don’t care to get the gamer or geek boxes.  There are some clothing/accessories boxes for men but they seem to be more for the urban professional not the regular joe.

20150825_094144 20150825_094153

This month we are headed to the Highlife Lounge in Des Moines, IA.  They are a bar that celebrates the beers of the past and food to match.  They have been featured on “Man vs. Food” , which is a great show and they share a location with a place called el Bait Shop.  The inside looks like it has stayed the same since 1984 and honestly seems like my kind of bar.  Less of a dive and more of retro awesomeness.


Unfortunately the shirt is horrible!!!  It’s a pale yellow that very few men ever wear.  If this had been the first shirt we received instead of the last, I don’t think we’d have ever got another month.

This has been a fun subscription.  It was one of the first I got and with the exception of this last one, all were well received.   Hubs has liked the shirts and even the ones we got almost a year ago are still in great shape and not fading or having the images peel off.  The quality has been great and the shirts have held up and not stretched or shrunk at all.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a fun shirt from a wide range of places. Check them out by clicking here.

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