Kiwi Crate July 2015

Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft and discovery box for children 3-12. They have recently expanded their options to boxes for specific ages or you can chose the regular one which is for all ages.  Kiwi crate is $19.95 a month but goes down with longer subscriptions.  I have seen plenty of deals out right now for them so I think you can even get lower pricing or free boxes if you search around. This month’s theme is Interesting Insects.  I always get the month’s box in the first little while of the next month so that’s why my posts are a bit late on these ones.


This month the theme is Lemonade Stand and the projects are My Shop Sign and My Cash Register.


I know I always talk about it but here is the back of the cover sheet with the cutouts and the sticker for your flow chart.


The Explore! magazine has bonus crafts, comics, stories, and facts to help you learn about the theme.


For My Shop Sign you get felt pieces, yarn, lemon handle, stencils, chalk, chalkboard, and an easel.  This one is low on the messiness scale, medium on the grownup involvement, and utilizes creating, exploring, and fine moving skills.  This one looks fun but I think that Bug will like just drawing on the chalkboard instead of making a sign.


With the My Cash Register project you get cardboard cutouts to make the register, a calculator, foam buttons, play money, and a set of game instructions and cards.  I’m not sure how with all those pieces but it’s low on the messiness scale, low on grownup involvement, and uses fine moving, discovering, and communicating skills.  Bug will love this one for now other reason then getting a new calculator.  She always takes mine and then I am left scrambling.

The good thing about these projects is that there is some learning with them, not just crafting. I’m not sure that Bug gets to much about the science but maybe she’s just absorbing things and will know them later. We only have a few more months on this one and then I’ll have to decide if we should keep it, get one of their newer more age appropriate ones, or switch to something different.



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