Embellished Boxes May 2015

The date on this one is right.  This box was very, very, very late.  I had received an email in May saying that my box was one of a group that was lost in shipping so they were sending out a replacement.  After a few weeks of still not getting anything I emailed them.  I got no response.  A few weeks later I emailed them again asking what had happened to my box and by now I was missing the June box as well.  This time I got a response apologizing for the delay in replying and saying that after looking into my account somehow my name was taken off their list.  They said they would be sending them out and to apologize they would be giving me a free month. So on that note here is May.

Embellished Boxes is a monthly box that sends you what you need to create two crafts. They focus on using items that you have around your home or that are inexpensive to purchase.  You get instructions and everything you need to complete the two projects. Subscriptions are $16.05 a month including shipping.  Even better is that Embellished is a Canadian company.  I have not been disappointed in any of the projects they’ve sent me so far, even if I have not had the best luck in creating the projects.  That’s nothing on them though, it’s more my lack of ability in some crafting skills.


They do come nicely wrapped inside and all the parts are normally individually wrapped as well.

20150728_093358 20150728_093407

The card is a bit messed up because it was taped to the lid and I ripped it off to take pictures.  The crafts this month are Multi Use Mini Jar and Hand Painted Napkin Rings.


The jar project comes with a jar (wow), some string trims, and votive wrap, which seems to be a self adhesive paper.  The jar is pretty by itself but I think this will be a nice easy project and them I can have a cute pen holder for my desk.


For the napkin rings you get a length of bendable wood that has adhesive built in and paint for decorating.  You just iron the edge of the wood where you join it and it sticks.  I am so not creative with painting so these might be a bit plain when done.  I need more painting skills.

You would think that with a lag of getting boxes I’d have got some crafts done…..you’d be wrong.  I have a nice little stack of these waiting for me and once winter gets here I’m so getting these done.

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