Little Life Box August 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!

20150818_155200 20150818_155215

The box is beautiful inside, as always.  There is a post card and seasonal wrapping.  Under all that I found some food off the bat.


I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs-2x43g $2.97 each

There were two flavours included this month, Aged Cheddar and Herbes De Provence.  I have discovered I’m not a huge quinoa fan, when it’s just quinoa but once you make it a chip or in this case a puff, I enjoy them.  I like getting these snack sized bags since if I open a big bag of chips I’ll eat a ton but one of these bags is enough.


Free For All Kitchen Gluten Free Brownie Thins-2x28g $1.00 each

Well these just look great.  Crispy chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt on top?  Yes please!!  I don’t have a gluten issue and think most companies are pandering to a fad that has been proven to be unhealthy if you don’t have an actual diagnosed gluten allergy however none of that will stop me from eating these and probably enjoying every last crumb.


Four o’Clock Teas 2x2pk $0.24 each

I have received a few different Four O’Clock teas before from them and they are good.  Inside each was a Chocolate Spice and a Green Tea Chai.  Also these is a $0.50 coupon for the next time you buy them.  They are only sold in one store here in town and I never shop there so it’s a bit of a lost one for me.


Solo Energy Apple Cinnamon With Quinoa Bar-50g $2.69

This energy bar packs 10g of protein and 3g of fibre into a yogurt coated, gluten-free soft bar.  They say this is going to taste like a slice of apple pie so I’m saving this for my evening snack.


Ethical Bean Rocket Fuel Coffee-70g $2.67

That’s an approximate weight and price on this one because there is nothing listed so I weighed it package and all to get 70g.  This is a French Roast ground coffee  and it’s listed as a dark roast with a cocoa finish.  I only drink coffee if it comes frozen or mixed into a latte so hopefully Hubby likes this.  If not I’ll just take it to work and it’ll get used up there.


Arome Oils Hand Lotion in Hawaiian Breeze-14g $$0.75

This lotion smells OMG good!!  It’s just floral but the other underlying scents are a mystery to me.  It’s made with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil plus natural ingredients. It’s not greasy at all and I honestly cannot stop smelling my hands.  It’s not horribly expensive and they have lots of scents so I may have to order some directly.


Mediterra Pistachio & Honey Sesame Energy Bar-37g $2.00

So this started off sounding like something I wanted to devour and then I got to the sesame part…….I will eat sesame seeds in things or on buns but a whole bar made up of them topped with deliciousness doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.  I guess I’ll give it a try and the dog will eat the rest if I hate it.


Tasty Bite Kung Pao Noodles-250g $3.34

These are a vegan, MSG free, Kosher, and preservative free noodle side dish.  You cook them in the microwave right in the bag and serve.  After reading the ingredients there doesn’t seem to be anything odd in there.  The only issue is how spicy they might be.  It says Zesty, which is a touch ambiguous.


Tolan Skincare Foam Cleanser-50mL $7.14

This is a Canadian(yay) company that makes all natural products.  I received the foam cleanser for your face but they have haircare, face and foot care products as well.  This one is paraben free, hypo-allergenic, has no artificial preservatives, fragrances, perfumes or colour and they do no animal testing.  All of their line is BOGO for the month of August as well.  The pump foams it up it seems to work well to remove makeup.  I’m almost at the bottom of my current cleanser so this shall slide into it’s place.

August’s box had 14 samples in it.  However four of those were teabags.  The value was $27.49 which is not the highest it’s been but still okay.  I like this box and have found a bunch of things I would never have bought that either work really well or taste good.  I tended to dismiss most products like this out of hand as not good or too tree huggerish so I’m pleasantly surprised with the items.

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