Native Beauty Box Autumn 2015

Native Box is an Australian eco subscription box that offers five versions of themselves. There are Classic, Vegan, Supersize, Beauty, and Mens boxes. I got the Beauty box which is a quarterly box filled with natural and organic products related to beauty.  You can buy an individual box for $24.95 or a yearly plan to get 4 boxes for $89.90. The exchange rate to the Australian dollar is better the to USD so that’s nice too.  I have titled this post what I should have received but for some reason, even though I had paid for a full year, which you’d think would guarantee me a box, when I emailed them to see where my box was they informed me that they were sold out and would substitute another box plus include a bonus item.  So this is actually their July Lifestyle Box “Mindful Health”.

20150817_175603 20150817_175623

They do come nicely wrapped and nothing is ever tossed around inside, which is nice.


The card tells you about what you got and gives you the websites  so you can get more of them if you like something.


Vabori Olive Leaf Extract-100mL $7.19

I have no idea what this is good for so I shall just quote the side of the bottle…..”It is used to assist Immune system, relief of sore throat, cardiac and circulatory system maintenance, digestive health and may reduce joint inflammation.”  You are supposed to take 15ml a day with food.  It tastes horrible!  It is very plasticy tasting and leaves your mouth dry.  I could be forced to swallow it down but it will not be pleasant.  The only good thing is it does not expire till March 2017 so I have a while to finish it off.


Probiotics Solutions Bathroom Bliss Cleaner-50mL $1.25

This cleaner uses probiotics to naturally clean.  It has a blend of lemon myrtle, lemongrass, pink grapefruit, and rosemary to clean soap scum, mould, and your toilet, while leaving a great smell behind.  It does smell really fresh and while I haven’t yet given it a try I’m sure it will work fine.


Nature’s Cuppa Organic Tea-4 bags

These teas are supposed to help you wind down, relax, and sooth the soul.  I like tea and these will get used no problem.


Australian Bush Flower Essences Cream Cleanser-2x3mL $0.18 each

I have received a few samples from this company through this box and they work well.  They  don’t always smell the nicest but since you are washing them off quickly it’s not a huge issue.  Both of these packets are enough for two uses each.


Essentially Natural Organic Coconut Flour

I have no clue what to use coconut flour for. Can you substitute it in for regular flour?  Does it taste odd?  So many questions…..


Majans Bhuja Snacks

These are included in the box to give you a natural healthy option when you are craving a snack.  They are made up pf multigrain noodles, peas, peanuts and sultanas.  As long as it’s not too spicy I think I’ll like it.  I like all of those things individually so they should be good together too.


Anerah Rejuvenating Mineral Mask

This was my bonus item for the inconvenience of them not shipping the box I should have received.  I got a small sample of this in my first box but this is huge.  You only need 2 tsps to mix it up and this jar holds about a 1/3 to 1/2 cup.  I found this to work really well when I used it before.  You could tell it was actually getting into your skin because after washing it off my face was flushed and not in a bad allergic reaction way.  While this is nice it is not really enough to make up for all the hassles I’ve had with this box.

I am torn on this box.  I don’t have much interest in this particular box and would have preferred the beauty one, even if they had to just throw a bunch of beauty related samples in instead of the actual box.  The items are okay and I plan to use them but I’m not too excited.  They don’t seem to have all the kinks worked out in their shipping or the way their orders are dealt with and it makes it a frustrating thing when you have to go searching for your box every time.


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