Native Box Winter Beauty Box 2015

Native Box is an Australian eco subscription box that offers five versions of themselves. There are Classic, Vegan, Supersize, Beauty, and Mens boxes. I got the Beauty box which is a quarterly box filled with natural and organic products related to beauty.  You can buy an individual box for $24.95 or a yearly plan to get 4 boxes for $89.90. The exchange rate to the Australian dollar is better the to USD so that’s nice too.  Since Australia is on the other side of the planet from me this box is their winter box.  I have had a fair amount of trouble with this box.  I had sent them an email asking where my fall box (their autumn) was.  I received a response that they were all sold out and they would put together something for me and include an extra item.  A few days later I received this box, and thought it was the one they were shipping me.  It is not, this is actually box four of my subscription.  I have had plenty of problems with them with late shipping or having to contact them to get my box or not getting everything I should have in the box.  I like the products but just don;t find them reliable for overseas shipping.  Let’s get to the unboxing.

20150716_205452 20150716_205513

The boxes are beautifully wrapped inside and surprisingly not all tossed about from shipping.


The card tells you a little bit about what each product is and gives you the website so you can get more.  They also include a few discounts for the sites too.


Absolutely Gorgeous Macadamia Face Cream-$29.95 Full Size

This has a huge list of natural plant ingredients.  I have found that quite a few of the items I have received from them have a slightly unpleasant scent.  I’m not sure exactly what ingredient it is that gives it that scent but it’s not great.  However the lotion soaked in right away and is supposed to help prevent moisture loss.


Awe Cosmeceuticals Rasadana Hydrating Mask-5mL $5.90

This also smells horrible for something you need to leave on for 10-15 minutes.  It has honey and aloe in it and again in fitting with a winter box, is made to keep your skin hydrated.  It is a very thin mask, more like a lotion but you can see it on your skin so you remember it’s on.

20150716_205820 20150716_205829

Paleo Skincare Spearmint Tallow Body Wash-?

There is no size on this packet but you would get at least two washes out of it.  A full size bottle will run you at $44.95 for 500mL, so it’s not cheap though.  The spearmint is supposed to give you a boost to the senses.


Wotnot Body Wipes-5 wipes $0.75

I had received some facial wipes before from them and liked those so I have high hopes for these.  They are biodegradable and organic and have none of the weird stuff regular wipes have in them.  I like that they are alcohol free as well.


Natralus Paw Paw Ointment, Gel & Aloe Vera Gel-6X2g $0.32 each

These little packets are perfect for throwing in your bag in case.  Aloe is always useful, The paw paw ointment is good for most of the same stuff the aloe is but also bug bites, and the gel is a cooling version for sunburns or other similar damage.  I have been lucky so far this year to not require anything like this but there is plenty of time for me to need a first aid type ointment.


Pure by Phytocare Pure Papaya Lip Ointment-$5.50

I have already received this in another box and while it works to make my lips nice, I don’t like it.  It smells odd and tastes gross if you accidentally ingest it.  Sigh.


Buckley & Phillips Indulgence Body Lotion-?

Another item with no size on it so I can’t get a price.  They are an aromatherapy lotion scented only with essential oils.  I don’t want to open one up to see what it’s like but I want to like it.

This box was another letdown for me.  The first box  received from them was great and I really really liked a few of the items included.  They have a lot of packets in them and while a few are fine half the box items is not.  The value of this box is $44.02 plus whatever the couple of items I couldn’t price accurately were, so that is good at least.  As mentioned this should be my last box from them and I have already cancelled my subscription so it doesn’t auto renew.  I am not that impressed with the service even if I do like most of the items.

If you want to give them a try, even after my kinda sad review for this quarter, go ahead and use my link. You can also visit their website

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