Bark Box July 2015

Archie’s favorite delivery came the other day and he was all over the box when I brought it into the house.  BarkBox is a toy and treat box just for pups. Prices start at $29 per month but go down to $18 if you choose a yearly plan. Shipping to Canada is $5/month.  Along with the products part of your subscription cost is donated to dogs in need, so along with fun stuff for your pooch you are also helping out dogs that might not be as pampered as yours. You can select from tiny, small & cute, just right, and big & bold sizes to get a selection of products best suited to your dog. The theme this month is Circus.


The box was different again this month but I’ve decided that they, unlike some others, change the box to be whatever size they need for the month.

20150725_180132 20150725_180121

The info card folds out giving you the list of stuff you got plus a discount on a monitoring service for your pet.


Butcher’s Block LLC Trachea Chew-$3.00

This item was a gift to us from Voyce, the monitoring service advertised.  Archie has had these before and LOVES them.  I think they are kind of gross but since they keep him happy and don’t make much of a mess I will give them to him whenever I get one.


Nootie No Grainers Hickory Bacon Jerky Chews-$10.00

We really appreciate grain free treats in this house and these ones are made with chicken.  They are a nice size for a treat and Archie gobbled up the one I gave him for a taste test.


Feel Good Treat Company Trail Blazin Beef Bitz-$8.00

These only have three ingredients, beef liver, oat flour & olive oil.  They are a hard treat that requires crunching but still only last 1.5 seconds before I’m getting eyed up for more.


BarkMade Benji The Bouncing Tiger-$13.00

This soft and fuzzy little guy has a spring in the middle and a squeaker in his head.  He also has a ball squeaker in his bottom.  We were in need of a new toy so this one got snapped up as soon as possible.


BarkMade Circus Elephant-$13.00

This toy has a squeaker in his belly and I’m sure the tail and nose will be gone within 5 minutes.  However he is cute and the kids will steal him for a bit.

This months box was really good for Archie.  He got two new toys he likes and two treats and one snack.  The value of the box is $47.00 and that’s great.  We only have one box left from them and I’m still undecided about renewing but I would recommend them if you are looking for a way to spoil your pooch.

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