Dive Bar Shirt Club July 2015

Dive Bar Shirt Club is a monthly subscription that sends out a limited edition t-shirt from a random bar every month.  Each shirt is only available for that month and then that’s it.  Their tag line is “T-shirts from the best bars you’ve never heard of”. Shirts are $22 a month unless you need XXL or XXXL sizes then add $2.50 and $3.50 respectively. Shipping outside of the USA is $5.  They are just a reoccurring subscription so you can cancel anytime before the next payment is due.  This has been a great find as Hubby looks forward to this one every month.

20150725_175849 20150725_175856

This month takes us to The Rail Pub in Savannah, GA.  It looks like it was converted from a warehouse at one time.  It is near a place where guys used to wait to see if there was a day job for them with the railroad.  This place serves up some odd food, a Ghetto Dawg, which is a hotdog on a slice of white bread with a side of Fritos.  There is also the standard free peanuts.  Following in the odd style….they have a tradition called Rail Pants, where you just randomly drop your pants and pretend you didn’t and everyone else pretends not to see it.  I just don’t know about this place.


I do like the shirt though.  It has a very manly saying and is not offensive in any way.  I like the colour and the logo and just think it might be the best one yet.

Hubby only has one shirt to go before his year is up. He has liked the shirts and even the ones we got almost a year ago are still in great shape and not fading or having the images peel off.  The quality has been good and the shirts have held up and not stretched or shrunk at all.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a fun shirt from a wide range of places. Check them out by clicking here.

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