Look Fantastic Beauty Box July 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a newer box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website.  Their first ever box was in February.  Boxes are $28 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.  Things are back to normal from last month with the shipping and notices and I had no further problems with billing.


I am glad they use some type of packing since my box comes all the way from overseas, however I hate a strong dislike of these black squiggles.  They shed, for lack of a better word, everywhere.  Anything you touch is covered with black dust and all the products are coated with it.

20150716_203137 20150716_203146

They have a great info card.  It folds out and has a good amount of actual information about each item.  This time all of the actual items are listed.  Sometimes they send a variety of a type of product and then they show all the options.


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse-10mL $5.77

This stuff smells great!  I have received a different version of this before and I am always shocked that I can rub oil on myself and not be greasy.  This is usable on your face, body or hair to repair and soften as needed.  It is made up of a blend of 6 plant oils and I do like it a lot.


Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash-50mL $19.61

This cleanser has a really strong scent but is supposed to be mild on your skin.  It is sulphate free and also has no parabens or silicones.  I just used up my other cleanser so this came at the right time.


Lord & Berry Nude Ultimate Lip Colour Pencil-0.9g $18.54??

I can’t tell if this is full sized or not but I’ve priced it as such.  I’m not sure on what skin tone this qualifies as a nude liner but it is way too dark to be that on me.  However it is a great colour and will go with a bunch of my lip products.


Trilogy Everything Balm-10mL $5.15

This one can be used for literally everything. Lips, heels, hands, massages, diapers, faces, and bodies.  It is quite solid so you need to warm it in your fingers before you can spread it about.  It is also free of mineral oil, lanolin, and parabens.


Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo-50mL $4.30

This shampoo promises to cleanse and rejuvenate all hair types.  It is made to detox your hair and get rid of all the buildup from the products you put in to make it do what you want.  It is perfectly clear and has no smell at all.  I’m excited to try this even though I still hate getting only shampoo in a box.


Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil-40mL $21.42

They recommend you use this at night after cleansing and toning so that it can really absorb and work.  It is a blend of rose and patchouli oils and I think it stinks.  I don’t really have a great desire to cover my whole face in this.  I might give it a few tries just to see if it really makes a difference.

This months box was better in the mix of products than last month.  There hasn’t been much makeup in these boxes so I like that they put some in.  The value this month is $74.79 if I have the correct price on the lip liner.  I’m really glad I found this box.  It has been really good so far and I keep enjoying opening it up each month.

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