Prudence And The Crow June 2015

Prudence and the Crow is a vintage book subscription box.  In each box you get a book, a book bag, a library card and treats.  The books are almost always 20 years old or older and are used books they pick up.  You can select from a few genres or you can choose random and see what you get.  There is a little survey to fill out to let them know what you like.  Subscriptions are 12 British Pounds a month plus 4 pounds shipping internationally.  You can also sign up for terms but there is no discount for that.  Boxes ship on the 13th of each month and mine took just over a month to reach me but it can be anywhere from 10 days and up.

20150703_175835 20150703_175853

They changed the packaging again this month.  Now it is just a cardboard envelope with another envelope containing the stuff inside it.

20150703_175923 20150703_175938

This months book is The Human Angle by William Tenn.  It is another science fiction novel.  This book was published in 1956 and consists of stories first published in magazines.  It doesn’t really say anywhere what they are about but I’m thinking they will be enjoyable.  It has an original price of $0.35.


My treasures this month were the library card showing the date and what book I’m on, two Moam Stripes, a dog sticker, a giraffe sticker, a book plate, a collector card from tea, and a blank notebook.

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