Volupties June 2015

Volupties is a monthly subscription service that delivers you three pairs of panties each month.  You select your size and they do the rest.  The also offer a non-plus size subscription on their sister site Splendies.  Subscriptions are $17.00 a month, though you do get $5.00 off your first month.  Shipping to Canada is $7.00.  I think that paying $8.00 each for a pair of panties is pretty good.  I would normally pay around $5.00 for sure and this way I get to find some different ones that maybe aren’t available here.


Same as last month they show up in a plain plastic mailer bag.  Inside is your panties, wrapped up in tissue paper.  There is no info card but you know what you’re getting…..3 pairs of underwear.


There seems to be a blue theme this month.  All three pairs are made by Avenue.  They sell their underwear for $8.32 a pair so that’s about right for this subscription.  This pair is a polyester/spandex blend in a jungle print.  They are full coverage but still have a bit of fun to them making them better then plain old undrewear.


This pair is also a polyester/spandex blend with lace trim around the leg holes and waist.  I like the dark blue contrast and these are another kinda sexy pair.


Lat up this month is a third pair of polyester/spandex blend apnties.  These are the least exciting of the three but are still not plain old cotton underwear.

I have read on a few other sites that the Splendies ones tend to run bit on the small side but I’ve had no issues with these ones.  They fit well and don’t ride up or slide down your backside.  They ship out each month on the 19th and I get mine right at the beginning of the month.   If you want to try them out make sure you use “VOLUPTIES” to get you $5.00 off.

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