Ecocentric Mom June 2015

Ecocentric mom subscription boxes focus on healthy, natural, organic products. You can choose from a pregnancy box, a mom box, or a mom and baby box. They ship every other month and are $24. I went with the mom and baby box to get a few things for me while getting stuff for the wee one that is maybe less full of bad things then what I might just buy off a store shelf. This is my last box from them as we have now aged out of their baby boxes.  I could continue with the mom box but I already get a different box that has similar products so I don’t feel that this one would bring me alone much joy.


These boxes always come nicely wrapped and this month is no exception.


Under the paper I could only see two bags of chips and nothing else so I was still curious.

20150616_091851 20150616_091858

The info card is double sided and along with the product info, pricing and websites, it gives you a few tips.  This month they are about being a radiant mom.


Lillian Eve Nail Polish in Sweet Dreams-$12.00 Full Size

There were two colour options sent out, Sweet Dreams or Bliss.  The polish is vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free.  My colour is a pale apricot or peach shade and I like it.  It goes on pretty sheer so you need a few coats to get total coverage but it’s a good shade for summer.

20150616_092032 20150616_092102

Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Deodorant Creme-0.25oz $3.99

I am becoming a bit of a convert to the natural deodorants.  They work great and have a much better smell then the conventional ones.  This one is very minty, it smells like Altoids taste, just that potent full on mint.  They also included a code for a discount off their website.

20150616_091945 20150616_092112

Meloria K Laundry Powder-2 Load Sample $2.99

This laundry soap is fragrance, dye and brightener free.  It’s good for use in regular and HE machines.  This sample actually will do 4 loads in an HE washer but as I only have the normal one, it’s just 2.  I have not really tried any non-commercial laundry soaps since I buy whatever is on sale or that I have a coupon for so this will be an interesting one.  The full sized canister is $15.99 for 64 loads so it’s not a whole lot more expensive then others but I’m guessing there would be shipping fees on top.

20150616_091908 20150616_091920

Simply 7 Hummus and Quinoa Chips-28oz & 23oz $1.00 each

Both chips are sea salt flavoured and appear to have a tortilla like texture.  I wasn’t feeling like chips as I’m writing this so I did not open them to try but I have yet to be disappointed in some of the alternative chip options I’ve received.  I like that I can feel marginally better about letting the girls have a couple of these instead of normal chips that are just bad for everyone.


Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen-oz $5.29

This is the forth or fifth sample of this brand of sunscreen I’ve received in the last little while.  While I would like a bit of variety, I’ve used a few up already and it works great on me and the kids.  They have a range of them for different applications and I think they are just as good as the chemical types.


Ecocentric Soap in Lemongrass-4oz bar $6.00

This soap smells so fresh.  I love handmade soaps like this and while I didn’t know they had their own brand of products I like that they included a full size bar to try it out.  They have two other scents, Oatmeal Spice and Lavender.

This months box had a value of $32.27, most of which is the nail polish. I think this was a good box full of things we’ll use but there was not a single thing in here for baby. This box was entirely for mom, which is okay if I had signed up for the mom box.  I’m not sure why this happened but as it’s my last box I am a bit sad there was no final baby fun.  I am now on the hunt for a toddler box and while there are a bunch that deliver to the US I’m hitting a bit of a wall getting anything here.  I’ll kepp looking but if you want to give these guys a try you can check them out by visiting

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