Bonjour Jolie TOM Box April 2015

Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month box that sends you your necessary items plus some other products to make you feel a little better during that special time.  You give them some information about your period and then select the 25 items you need in any variation of pads, liners or tampons.  They have a wide selection of brands, so no matter what you use they can cover you. They also include a gift, bath and body items, teas and drinks, candy and snacks, some wipes and if you want, some Advil.  Boxes shipped to Canada are $24.50 a month but do decrease somewhat if you order in 3 or 6 month plans.  You can also add on some extras like heating pads or more Advil for additional costs.  This post is coming so late because I think my original box was lost in transit.  I contacted them about a month after I’d placed my order and they sent me the tracking number but it showed my box was stuck at a shipping facility for that month.  The day before I was going to ask them again I received both April and May’s boxes taped together and the shipping label for the one had been removed.  Now that they are both here I have no complaints about the shipping.


The box was full once I opened it up.  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  The card on top tells you all about what’s inside, with the exception of the products you chose yourself.  It has prices and websites so you can get more if you enjoyed them.  It also tells you that this month was their two year anniversary.


20150605_133610 20150605_133621

Under the card everything was wrapped up very nicely.  Inside the wrapping was more bags and wraps to discover.


My feminine items came inside a chevron bag that as you can see I had to rip open.  I went with my normal assortment of things but as I mentioned you can pick exactly what you want, all of one kind or a mix.

20150605_134002 20150605_134110

Rose Gold Puzzle Necklace-$17.00

Most of the other goodies come in organza bags.  For this month my gift item is this necklace.  It’s really cute and I will totally wear this!  It is made by Seablue Boutique and is a reminder that April was Autism awareness month.  The two pieces are hinged so they flex and the rose gold colour is pretty and goes with everything.

20150605_133858 20150605_133942

The Pampering Items-$6.00

Beyond the normally included two of each wipes and Advil, there are three pampering items.  San Francisco Soap Company Sugared Citrus Body Lotion, 22ml, which I think I’ve got as a hotel item before but which smells okay and does the job it’s supposed to.  From Our Hearth Amber Soap, which is a glycerine soap scented with sandalwood.  It is paraben, artificial colour, gluten and soy free.  The last pampering item is Sun Coast Salts Hand Scrub, 1oz.  This scrub smells great and bills itself as “The World’s Finest Salt Scrub”.  It is all natural and says it will help with many skin issues.

20150605_133712 20150605_133724

The Edibles-$9.00

There are lots of treats in this box.  Packed just in the box were Smartfood Popcorn and Lorna Doone Cookies.

20150605_133738 20150605_133827


In the bag are Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Pod, which is a spicy mini chocolate bar, 4 Zotz Fizzy Pop Candies in assorted flavours, a package of Nutella which they recommend you spread on the cookies, 3 Candy Creek Lollipops, 2 Nature’s Guru Coconut Water Powder packets, not really sure about those since I hate coconut water but maybe the powdered stuff is better? Lastly 3 different Naturals-N-Organics Tea bags.  I think it’s a good mix of the stuff that tends to be craved during that time of the month.

I was pleasantly surprised with Bonjour Jolie.  I thought there might be a couple of things besides the feminine items but the box was packed and it really seems like a pamper me box.  The extras are worth $22.00, which means to get what I paid the pads and such needed to be more than $2.50, which they are.  No one is buying this box for the value though.  With a coupon and a trip to the grocery store I can get more products for less but the little helpers are a way to not have to think about the reason for the box.  It’s also one less thing to remember to buy if you have them delivered.

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