La Papierre Stationery Subscription Service May 2015

La Papierre is a stationary subscription service.  The have three different plans depending on how much paper you want/need each month.  Plan A gives you 6 notepads with 4 sheets each for $10.00.  Plan B gives you 6 designs with 8 sheets each for $20.00. Plan C gives you 6 designs with 24 sheets each for $40.00.  All plans have free shipping in Canada. This subscription is based out of Quebec and they have an Etsy shop as well where you can purchase stationery sets in addition to notepads. I know the founders are moving to the States but so far there has been no word if this will be effecting this subscription.


Included this month were the normal cards saying Thank You and letting you know about the service.  Also there were a few cancelled stamps and a note saying that they sent out some of their best sellers this month to make room for new products in the coming months.

20150602_145631 20150602_145643 20150602_145702

I think the lemonade stand is super cute!  I also love the snowman one but will have to hold onto it for a bit…..I don’t think too many people want to be reminded of winter quite yet.  The vintage style one is my least favourite.  It’s just not something I go for.

20150602_145713 20150602_145726 20150602_145741

The alligator is adorable!  I like that the wine one has lines.  I prefer lined paper for writing so it’s great for me.  The last one is okay.  The vintage double bike is kinda cute.

I am still happy with La Papierre.  As I mentioned I just went with Plan A so there is only 4 of each style. This month I’m only meh about one style so that’s great.  If I only spend $10.00 here that leaves me room to convince myself I could buy paper elsewhere too.  If you want some paper for yourself click here to get to their website.

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