FabFitFun Spring 2015

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that brings together fashion finds,beauty secrets, and fitness gear put together by the FabFitFun team.  It is $49.99 a quarter but there are always deals to be had so the price of the box can be lower or you can get extra free products depending on when you sign up. They guarantee a value of at least $100 in every box, but I’ve yet to see anything that low.  This is only the fourth box that has been available for Canadian shipping from them I believe.  There are always a few spoilers out on this box each time so if you want a complete surprise this might not be the best option unless you have supreme willpower to avoid peeking at them.  I got my box in what must have been the last mailout of them because it seemed like everyone else has had theirs for at least a month before I got mine.

20150505_132502 20150505_132516

Inside everything was nicely wrapped up and cushioned.  I could see my scarf and a few other items but lots was still hidden.


The info card is huge and tells you a bit about each item included.  It also lets you know the value for the box, which this quarter was $273.89.  There are only 10 items this month so I think it’s pretty reasonable.


Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor-$42.00

This was an item you could put in a request for colour of.  There were two choices and I think this is the one I wanted but I can’t remember.  Either way I like it and it is now the first non-winter scarf I own so I am looking forward to figuring out how to wear it.


Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum-$48.00

This serum is made to help slow down the aging process, fill fine lines and minimize wrinkles by boosting your collagen growth.  I’m all for it and I’ll give it a go.  I never have too much faith in these claims but if there is improvement then it’s always a bonus.   It has no scent really so that’s nice too.  It’s pretty thin so I think it will last a while since you don’t need much.

20150505_132835 20150505_132943

Merrithew 3 DVD Set and $25 Gift Card-$61.00

This workout DVD set uses HIIT training to get you bikini ready. I’m thinking it’ll take more then a few sessions of a DVD to make me totally comfortable in one but I do like Pilates and have done it before so I should be able to pick this up pretty quickly.  The gift card gets you the discount off any of the 500 items they sell on their website.  I haven’t checked out what shipping is yet so this may not be too useful depending on that.


OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo-$45.90

Holy moly these are some expensive brushes!  The thinner one is for eyeshadow application and the other one is a concealer/foundation brush.  I have been slowly replacing my old brushes as I get new ones in boxes so these will shortly become everyday use.


ORLY Nail Polish in Cake Pop-$8.50 and ORLY Nail BB Creme-$15.00

The BB creme is for use as a base when you want natural nails.  It smoothes and leaves a slight peach colour.  The polish is a very pail pink that is going to be super cute for summer, once I have a bit of a tan to show it off.


Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos-$36.00

I cannot believe the price of these!!!!  Who would ever pay that much for temporary tattoos???  I’m not sure that I will wear these but thankfully I have a little one who will love them.  I think this is just odd.


Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set-$16.00

These are so cool!  I don’t think I’ll use them as coasters though because I wouldn’t want to ruin them.  They are just paper like the kind you get in bars so a water ring will be the end of them.  This is a set of 8 with four designs.


Miracle-Gro Gro-able Seed Pod-$1.49

This is one of the two sponsored items in the box.  I don’t mind that they include them if it gives them a way to have other items included.  I’m kind of excited about this one as fresh basil is handy to have around and I’m sure I could grow this without killing it…….maybe.


Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn-$1.49

This is an all natural popcorn snack that is also gluten free.  It has no hulls or kernels either.  I am a HUGE popcorn lover so this makes me very happy.

This box has a value of $273.89.  The only thing I more than likely not use is the tattoos so that’s pretty good.  This subscription has a few deals out now if you look for them so you can get all this for even less then normal.

I’d love it if you’d use my link to get yours!



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