Ipsy April 2015

Ispy is a beauty subscription that comes in a pink bubble mailer. It is $10USD per month and includes deluxe samples and full sized products. All of your products come in a reusable makeup bag. This months theme is Beautifully Bohemian.  All Ipsy bags are selected for the individual person so there is a wide variety of products possible to receive. There are plenty of spoilers with this one and you can see exactly what you will be getting a few days before your bag arrives by logging in to your account.

20150420_182840 20150420_182850

The included card showcases one of the Ipsy stylists.  This month it’s Chrisspy.  These cards just tell you the theme.  Any info on the products can be found on the website under your account.


Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango-$15.00 Full Size

This colour is described as a matte pink coral.  It’s really pink and bright but I think if I can use just a touch of it at a time I can wear it.  I like that it has no shine or shimmer at all.  That makes it seem less like a going out colour and more like an everyday one.  We’ll have to wait and see I guess.


Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion-28.3g $10.50

I think I get at least one new moisturizer every month so even though they are small I never run out.  This one has lots of flower extracts in it but smells strongly of rose.  It absorbed in super quick and my skin feels nice to the touch after.  It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on which is nice now that it’s starting to warm up.

20150420_183157 20150420_183217

The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty-$3.00

This actually comes in a full palette with all the colours shown on the right side.  I think the packaging is super fun though.  The colour I got is a kind of bronzy pink shade with lots of shimmer.  I like it and might have to splurge and get the whole set.


Mica Beauty Eye Primer-4g $22.48

I really want to like this.  I have a scar on one eye so my makeup on that side is always moving around and smearing oddly since my eye folds a bit different from the scar.  Beyond this being super expensive it seems too dry for me.  It doesn’t go on very easily and is not smooth at all.  I’ll have to play with this one to see if I can make it work.  There is a lot of it though, since it’s only for your eyes.


Mullien & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tint-$10.00 Full Size

I expected this to be really dark but it just looks that way.  This gives just a touch of colour and a moist look on both cheeks and lips.  It has a slightly odd smell that I can’t place.  I think the packaging is cute and this is vegan as well.


I forgot to post the bag!!!!  This is the best bag I have yet to receive from them.  It is larger then most and the basket weave is fabulous.  This one will not be regulated to my makeup drawer, I plan to use it all the time.

This months bag has a value of $60.98.  Wow! A third of that is the highly overpriced primer but that’s still incredible. This month has two full size items and two are half sized. For once I think all of my items actually meet the theme.   I’m still not super thrilled with the website changes but am learning to get around on it.  If you would like to get in on the bag I’d love it if you’d use my link.  You can also visit their website by clicking here.



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