Embellished Boxes March 2015

Embellished Boxes is a monthly box that sends you what you need to create two crafts. They focus on using items that you have around your home or that are inexpensive to purchase.  You get instructions and everything you need to complete the two projects. Subscriptions are $16.05 a month including shipping.  Even better is that Embellished is a Canadian company.  I have not been disappointed in any of the projects they’ve sent me so far.


They had sent an email that the boxes would be late but I got mine the day after that email which was normal delivery for me.


Inside the paper was all the supplies.  The pail was a bit flattened but easily reshaped.

20150330_180334 20150330_180345 20150330_180402

The instruction card always has a quote on the front.  The inside breaks down what to do into three easy steps.  Also included is a materials card.


The Spring Paper Flowers project looks time consuming but fun.  You have to cut out the petal shapes from the tissue paper and wrap them around.  I think if they turn out okay I might take them to brighten up my office.


This one is Mini Jar Organizer.  It’s much simpler, just stick on the label and write what you are storing.  There is also paper to wrap around but you need ModPodge so I’ll have to purchase that.

I have unfortunately fallen behind a bit on getting these crafts done in the last few months so I have to find a few minutes and whip them up. I am three months behind now.   None have required a huge time commitment and most so far have been new skills for me, which is nice.

If you want to check them out click here.

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