Ecocentric Mom March 2015

Ecocentric mom subscription boxes focus on healthy, natural, organic products. You can choose from a pregnancy box, a mom box, or a mom and baby box. They ship every other month and are $24. I went with the mom and baby box to get a few things for me while getting stuff for the wee one that is maybe less full of bad things then what I might just buy off a store shelf. With only one more box to go after this one before we age out of this box, I’ve been waiting for this one to arrive impatiently.

20150325_181414 20150325_181432

This box looks nice when you open it and is usually packed pretty full under that paper.

20150325_181442 20150325_181449

The info card is filled up.  There are tips on the left of both sides and the rest is a bit about each product, the price, and the website if you want to buy more.


Pure by She She Baby Wash & Shampoo-2oz. $2.99

This is a 100% Natural and Organic wash.  It is Sweet Orange scented and made to be gentle and safe for your baby.  It is not tear free but since to make any baby washes tear free they simply add chemicals to numb the stinging I wouldn’t expect in in something like this.  This will make a nice change from our regular baby shampoo and let Bear smell a little different for a few days.  They also included a 15% off code for their website.


Baby Bits Wipes Solution-3pk $0.83

You dissolve one of these cubes into a cup a hot water.  Once it’s dissolved, you have it in a spray bottle and just spritz a dry cloth to use as a baby wipe instead of the disposable ones. These are 100% vegetarian and all natural.  They are also vegan.  I really like this idea but I’m not sure how convenient it would be, instead if just grabbing some from the tub.


Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter Book-$4.95

We love books in this house!  I know this review is after Easter but we did get this box way before so this was perfect. We have a few of the Bright Baby books and they are good for little ones.  Bug likes them too because she memorizes them after a couple of reads and then can read them herself.


Camilla Teething Relief-5 Doses $2.17

We have used this and it’s sister product for colds and while I don’t know that it works fantastic but it seems to give some relief.  Bear only has eight teeth so we still might have some teething issues ahead.  There was a $1.00 off any Camilla box printed on the back of this cardboard as well.


Goddess Green Organics Sunscreen-6mLx3 $0.88 each

Well it snowed here again today so still not really needing sunscreen yet but since I usually slather up the kids, more is always better.  This assortment includes Sunny Baby, Sunny Kids, and Sunny face, all with SPF30.  They are water resistant and contain organic ingredients.  I received a tube sample of Sunny Kids in a different box a few months ago so we will get a week maybe between them.  I like that these have no harsh chemicals in them.  I am always a little wary of putting sunscreen on the babies since I don’t know that there has been a lot of research done into how these things affect little ones.  The big push to use sunscreen all the time has only been around for a few year.


Bear’s Beauty Vegan Natural Deodorant-0.75oz $6.00

This is Grapefruit & Lavender and smells fantastic!  It’s a little less then half sized so a pretty good sample.  I have been really surprised and happy with the natural deodorants I have received though the boxes and if they were more convenient for me to buy I would be.  This is the first natural deodorant that I’ve received in a stick form though.  As you can guess baking soda is the absorbent ingredient but there is also a couple of different clays as well.


Country Choice Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal-1 packet $0.54

I like the convenience of the instant oatmeals.   This is Maple Spice with Raisins and any with fruit additions are always a hit here.  The big difference between this one and the Quaker ones from the store is that this is made up of a blend of oats, rye, barley and wheat.  They are low calorie and certified organic.


Brigit True Organics Peppermint Lip Balm-$5.00 Full Size

This lip balm is made from 99.5% organic ingredients.  It is also gluten, nut and soy free.  This is a women owned company which I also like to support.  This is beeswax based and glides on super smoothly.  There is just a hint of the peppermint tingle but you can sure smell it.  Lip balms are all over my house and work and in my bags so I’m glad to get them every time.


EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bars-$2.50

I haven’t tried this yet but it contains 6! servings of fruit and vegetables.  It has no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.  They are vegan an dairy-free too.  This one is Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavoured.  It is a soft bar not hard like a granola bar though there is oats in it.  I’m wary but think it’ll be good.


Eco Eggs Easter Eggs-$0.42

I thought this was the chocolate inside but they are actually promoting the egg!  They are fully compostable instead of plain old forever plastic.  I’ll still be buying the dollar store ones personally but I’m happy for the chocolate.


I got a bonus item this month!  It’s a reusable food pouch.  We don’t use these but maybe I can make it into a travel water bottle?  It has a $2.00 value.

This months box had a value of $25.05.  That is about what you pay for the box.  I think we will be using almost all of it though so I’m happy. I like that it has a mix of all types of products.  You can check them out by visiting



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