Lip Monthly March 2015

Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription box that sends out a selection of lip products.  You also get your selections in a reusable makeup bag.  Lip Monthly is $10.00 a month, with reduced rates for 4 month or annual plans.  You also can accumulate points that can be redeemed in their shop.  Shipping to Canada is an additional $5 a month but this is still a really affordable subscription.  I am always surprised when I get this one as it comes in a plain white bubble mailer, and I never know what is in there till I read the label, I just can’t remember that it comes this way.


This bag has been used before but I don’t really care.  They seem to rotate between 3 different bags all branded heavily.

20150401_180924 20150401_180933

The info card tells you that this months picks are all about spring colors and known brands.  It also tells you what you got and how much it retails for.


Hikari Lipstick in Crush-$13.00 Full Size

This looks super pink but it looks better on me then I thought it would.  I will be wearing this as a regular everyday lipstick.  I’ve received a Hikari lipstick from them before but it was from the complete other side of the colour spectrum.  I think this totally fits into a Spring theme.


Jordana Easyshine Lipglaze in Raspberry-$1.99 Full Size

This is another super fun Spring colour!  It smells great and has actual glitter in it so my lips really sparkle.  I’m really feeling this pink thing they have going on this month.


J.Cat The Big Lip Pencil in Caramel Mocha-$3.99 Full Size

I wanted to really like this but it’s just okay for me.  The colour reminds me more of a late ’90’s shade that Rachel wore on Friends.  It’s fine but nothing to get excited about.


Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Polish in Mighty Mango-$3.99 Full Size

Now this is back to Spring!  I like Sally Hansen polishes and find them to be just as lasting on me as any one I’d pay triple for.  This is the Makeup Mix Up item for March and while it might not be the most expensive one they’ve ever sent out it is still a good one.

This months bag was pretty good for me.  The lip crayon is the only so-so item and I’m really happy with the other 3.  This month has a value of $22.97 which is one of the lower ones I’ve received from them but still about double my cost.   If you would like to sign up I’d love it if you’d use my link.

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