Prudence And The Crow April 2015

Prudence and the Crow is a vintage book subscription box.  In each box you get a book, a book bag, a library card and treats.  The books are almost always 20 years old or older and are used books they pick up.  You can select from a few genres or you can choose random and see what you get.  There is a little survey to fill out to let them know what you like.  Subscriptions are 12 British Pounds a month plus 4 pounds shipping internationally.  You can also sign up for terms but there is no discount for that.  Boxes ship on the 13th of each month and mine took just over a month to reach me but it can be anywhere from 10 days and up.


The box is plain, containing just what it’s supposed to and nothing more.


This months book is The Bionic Woman Double Identity by Maud Willis.  I am too young to have watched any of the shows or read any of the other books so this will be all new to me.  I think it’ll be lots of fun and I’m looking forward to spending a few hours reading it.  The book bag is the same as last month but still a nice touch.


Here is the back of the book with the plot summary.


Library card showing that this is book number 3 for me, bookmark and snowman picture.


My treats this month are 2 teas, a maoam stripes, a Swizzels Matlow Refreshers, and a surprise in an envelope.  That turned out to be a necklace with a pendant that is a little puffin.  I am sure it’s one of the book publishers mascots but I’m drawing a blank on which  one.

This box is about curation not value.  I think it’s worth what I paid and I love books.  I am always happy to get new books and I have no issue with older novels.  The monthly option is still open right now if you want to sign up.  You can visit their website by clicking here.


Glossybox April 2015

Glossybox gives you 5 deluxe samples of beauty products a month for $21.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Canada but do get cheaper with longer terms.  The buzz on the interweb feels that Glossybox has one of the best packaging of any of the boxes.  Every month they curate a selection of high-end, niche, and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes that they send out and I thought I’d give them a try.  They only recently started shipping to Canada.

20150425_182225 20150425_182235

This is the top of the box this month.  Very graphic print.  Inside is the hand tied parcel and the info card neatly tucked in.

20150425_182321 20150425_182331

Under that wrapping was a surprise!  Under that was my products all nestled in their bed of squiggles.




20150425_182251 20150425_182303

The info card folds out and has lots of info about your items.


Marrakesh Endz: Split End Mender & Preventer-30mL $5.99

This is actually the full size of this product.  This hair repairer has argan and hemp oils in it.  It is supposed to  help control frizz and static while sealing split ends.  I have no set routine for getting my haircut so I can  go awhile before I remember.  As a result my ends do get a bit frayed.  You can apply this to wet or dry hair and I find the smell to be really strong.


Aerin Waterlily Sun EDP Spray-9mL $19.41

This is a cute bottle of perfume and much larger than the usual perfume samples that get included in boxes.  This scent is meant to induce thoughts of spring and it is super floral.  When I first gave it a spray I thought I didn’t like it but after a few minutes on my skin I’ve changed my mind.  It is a wonderfully soft scent that is very feminine.  I do usually wear floral scents even though Hubby prefers musks on me, and this one will join my rotation for sure.


Obsessive COmpulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss in Rhythm Box-$18.00 Full Size

This is sooooo fuschia.  It’s a colour I would probably never ever pick up in the store.  If I use the tiniest little dot and spread it around it’s okay for me but I don’t know that this one will get much use.


Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum-7mL $14.88

I have received a few Estee Lauder products in different boxes and I really like them.  I would never buy them because they are way above my price range but they are a great line of skin care.  This little bottle will help to reduce the look of uneven skin tone and dark spots.  It will also give you a boost of moisture. Also they gave a discount code to get 15% off on the website.


Julep Gel Eye Glider in Navy Smoke-$16.00 Full SIze

Glossybox has included Julep products in their boxes before but this is my first eye liner from them.  The name is not a lie…this really does glide on.  It seems to be fairly smudge proof and is a nice change from the usual black liners I’ve been receiving.  I have no desire to sign up for the Julep box and I don’t think you can purchase their products without subscribing.


This little bag was a mystery gift.  Inside of it was a gift card to Thursday Friday.  They are a accessories website. My gift card gave me half off what I selected in my cart but I could have got the same deal just for signing up for their newsletter.  Shipping to Canada is $20 on top of whatever you choose.

This months box was great!  The only thing I’m kinda sad about is the lip gloss but that’s just because I don’t wear that bright of a colour often.  The value of this box was $74.28 without counting the gift card.  As a test I picked an $85 dollar bag off the website and it took half off so it doesn’t seem to have a limit on it.  Glossybox has been consistently good for the three months I’ve received it so far.  Hope it keeps up.

Doodlebug Busy Bags April 2015

A new subscription I’ve started getting for Bug is Doodlebugs Busy Bags.  The website describes them as….”DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 10. DoodleBug Busy Bags keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity. Once completed, the crafts may be used as learning tools, decorations, toys, or given away as gifts. DoodleBug Busy Bags are fun, easy to complete, and help develop motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.”  Bags are $23.99 including shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.  This months theme is Hello Spring.


This bag of goodies was inside of a plain bubble mailer.  Everything you need to do the crafts for the month is included, whether it’s glue, magnets, markers, or googly eyes.


There is an instruction sheet included in each project but this main page gives you the finished pictures and helpful hints for each one.  It also lets you know if something you need to complete the project is loose in the big bag instead of the smaller individual bags.


Hello Spring Sign. This one makes up a large wall hanging with flowers and Hello Spring in foam letters on in.  These hangings are some of Bug’s favourite crafts that we get in this bag.

20150424_175815 20150424_175736

Paper Plate Sun & Rainbow.  This one looks like fun.  The plate has a preglued adhesive strip for attaching the streamers.  The plate is prepainted and the mouth is already on.  We got a new hanging rod for all of the creations and this will take center stage.

20150424_175727 20150424_175825

Signs Of Spring Binoculars.  This one makes a funny pair of cardboard binoculars and includes a list to keep track of what you can see.  The marker was included but we keep those out of little hands at this point.


Stacked Flower Ornament.  This one is a flower on a stick with a face in the center.  It will cause no end of screaming as two little ones fight over who gets to hold it.


Hatching Bird Pop-Up. This one is cute.  The little bird goes up and down as you push the stick.  It will be a big hit I’m sure.


Jewel Butterfly Ornament.  Beyond the face being a touch creepy the rest of this is good.  There are lots of things to stick on to make a beautiful butterfly.

As noted last month all of these crafts are from Oriental Trading but since I don’t have to purchase them in large quantities off the site and everything we need to create is included in the bag, I like this. If you need glue or anything else that does not come in the prepackaged craft they make sure it’s in your bag so you really do not have to run to the store. It’s also nice that each of these crafts are fairly quick and we can do them in the short time between bath and bedtime.


Birchbox April 2015

With Birchbox you get monthly boxes of five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile. They promise to help you try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.  They also say you will never receive the same product twice.  Birchbox runs at $10.00 per month plus $4.95 shipping but you can get yearly plans for $100.00 plus shipping as well.  This makes it one of the more affordable boxes out there. Each box is different and reflects the theme of the month.


This month I was so excited to get the box because I had seen other ones online and the box itself looked awesome.  You can only imagine my disappointment when I received the plain old box.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get the fancy one since my info card does say that there is an exclusive print by Rifle Paper Co. on them.


The back of the card does have all the regular info about your products on it.


Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Moisturizing Shampoo(2oz) and Repairing Conditioner(1.35oz)-$4.42 and $3.81

I’m so glad to get both a shampoo and conditioner in the box.  It makes it easier to evaluate how well it works.  These ones are made to repair hair and build up moisture, both of which I can use.  The samples are big enough for a couple of uses too.


Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter-4mL $16.00

I thought this was nail polish when I opened the box.  It’s not, it’s a highlighter in an applicator that really seems like polish.  This is also the full size of this product, which threw me as well since it’s tiny.  It is really light when applied and I didn’t notice too much shimmer afterwards so you might have to use a fair bit to get noticeable glow.


Not Soap, Radio Bathing With Sharks Body Wash-35mL $1.67

This body wash has a cute name.  It is supposed to smell beachy but I just get hints of soap……It’s a really pretty blue though.  There seems to be a few different scents going out for this one but I’ll use this no matter what so I’m okay with it.


Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream-22mL $3.23

This is another one that had a few scent options and I got Pomegranate.  This will help keep you from drying out after you shave by moisturising as you go.  I normally use shampoo for shaving so anything actually made for it will probably be better.


This months value for this box was $29.13.  I thought it was a good box this month though I’m still sad about the lack of fancy print on it I thought I was getting.  You get points for reviewing your box items, that you can then use in their store.  If you find a product you love, any item in your box has free shipping for the month also. The American boxes do have a few more perks like selecting one of your samples and a mens box but I am hopeful once they get settled in Canada the same types of options will be available.

If you want to sign up send me a message and I can get you a link.  You can also go to their Canadian site by clicking here.

Little Life Box April 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!


The inside is very pretty and you get the cutest blank post card in each box.


Under it all is the products.  Again this box is full to the top!

20150413_191513 20150413_191533

Grandma Emily’s Granola Bars-$2.50 each

The first  granola bar is a mix of pure chocolate blended with fruits, oatmeal and nuts.  It is a source of fibre and iron and contains no wheat.  It is a soft bar and looks really tasty. The second one is a tropical fruit bar. I’m not sure how it get’s that name since the only fruit in it at all is cranberries. They are a little expensive for me to consider them as a regular snack for the kids but I know there will be no problems getting them to eat this ones.


Three Farmers Balsamic and Cracked Pepper Roasted Chickpeas-$5.00

I have never tried roasted chickpeas before.  I’m not a huge fan of chickpeas in any other form but maybe these will be like corn nuts.  Okay now I’ve tried them and they are okay.  A little on the spicy side from the black pepper though.  I wouldn’t eat them by the handful but a few at a time will be good. I’m surprised.

20150413_191545 20150414_125030

Crio Beans Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans-$3.94

These are really good!  They are covered in dark chocolate and have that awesome crispy center of a cocoa bean.  They are shockingly low in calories.  They are super high in antioxidants and that will be my excuse to eat a few a day.


GoGo Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cake Mix-$2.65

This mix is enough to make 6 cupcakes.  I had received a cookie from this brand in an earlier box and it was really good so I’m thinking this will be okay too.  I had never eaten quinoa before that cookie and didn’t know what to expect.  If there was no label on this you couldn’t tell by looking that it was not normal cake mix.


Camino Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar-$5.49

I’m sad.  I dislike dark chocolate and coffee.  My husband on the other hand will enjoy it.  I do like this brand of chocolate bar and the other flavours I’ve tried have all been fantastic.


Tea India Masala Chai Tea Latte Mix-$3.58 each

I love chai tea.  You just need to add hot water and you get a cup of deliciousness.  Suoer happy to get these.

20150414_124648 20150414_125017

Wow Butter-$0.05 each

I’ve had this before and it really is just like peanut butter.  With Bug in school now I guess I’ll have to start buying stuff like this if she needs lunches or snacks.


Ecotools Bamboo Cosmetic Applicators-$2.69

This is a cool addition to the box.  There are 20 in there with 3 assorted head shapes.  These will be good for quick times when I don’t have my big brushes handy.

20150414_124724 20150414_125008

Pure Biodegradable Cleaning Products-$0.50

There is a laundry soap sample and a multi use cleaner sample.  You get 4 loads of laundry from this sample and the cleaner is one capful to 2L of water so there will be plenty with that one.  I have tried a few natural products like this and find that they work just as well as chemical cleaners.  It’s nice to know these will be less toxic for the kidlets and I can worry less about them putting things in their mouths after I clean them.  They also included a discount code for the online store.


These cards are a healthy living tip and a note saying they have a Mother’s Day gift box.

This months box has a value of $32.53.  There were 13 samples and with the exception of the chocolate bar I like everything, thankfully Hubby will take care of that one.  This box had a bit more of a variance in items instead of just food products.  I’m really enjoying this box and have found some new things I would never had picked up on my own.




Kiwi Crate March 2015

Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft and discovery box for children 3-12. They have recently expanded their options to boxes for specific ages or you can chose the regular one which is for all ages.  Kiwi crate is $19.95 a month but goes down with longer subscriptions.  I have seen plenty of deals out right now for them so I think you can even get lower pricing or free boxes if you search around. This month’s theme is Backyard Adventure.


Each box has the projects on the top sheet.  On the back of this is a sticker for the chart you get in your first one and two characters you can cut out and use for extra playing.


The Explore! magazine in every box has cartoons, other projects and activities based on the theme.  Bug like to read them and colour in the pages.


Project one is My Growth Chart.  This one is listed as being low on the messiness scale, medium on grownup involvement and utilizes creating, discovering and fine moving skills.  You get a tree chart, leaf stickers, a rubbing plate for the leaves, specially shaped crayons and a ribbon to hang it.  Bug already has a growth chart on her wall but maybe I can convince her to give this one to Bear after she colours it all in.  We have done rubbings once before so I think she’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly.


Project two is My Backyard Golf.  This one is also low on the messiness scale.  It has low grownup involvement and uses exploring, creating and gross moving skills.  It’s more like croquet then golf but I guess golf is more common.  You get two arches to shoot through, tubes and a leaf to make a club, and stickers and pipe cleaners to make bugs for your arches.  They really push the whole golf idea by saying you are making a putter but the arches give it away.  Bug will love this one because it’s close to hockey and her and Dad play all the time with mini sticks.

I’m not sure why but I always get this box really late.  I had received an email with a satisfaction survey about the box a week before it even showed up.  Bug enjoys doing these projects and I like that they have a bit of learning involved with them as well as fun.  They get played with for more then just the few minutes after we build them and the parts that might break are easily replaced with things around the house.


Beauty Box 5 April 2015

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription box that sends out 5 products or samples every month. They might be makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, or nail products. It is another of the cheaper ones at $12 a month or even less if you sign up for a longer term. They do charge $3 a month to ship to Canada though.  If I’m being honest though this box has been very hit or miss for me.  Sometimes the products included are so random or so not what I would think should be in a beauty box that I wonder what they are thinking.  Other times it’s really good.


This months first look was good.  Nothing odd off the top.

20150420_182525 20150420_182536


The theme this month is Bloom.  The card gives you a few ideas for breaking out of winter and the back has all your products and prices.


Also this month was a card letting us know that because of one of the items children were helped out.


Lasting Smiles Passionfruit Mango Organic Lip Balm-$4.99 Full Size

It seems like it’s been a bit since I  have received a lip balm but that can’t be right.  Anyways…..this is the item that provided the cleft lip and palate surgeries mentioned above.  I like that they included something like this and love when a product I’m going to buy anyways gives back.  The lippy smells good and I’m sure will work as well as any other one I’ve tried.  It’s not like you can have too many, since they get lost easily or your preschooler eats them…..


Dancing Goat Hula Bliss Body Lotion-2oz. $4.50

I love the name of this!  As you probably guessed it’s made from goat’s milk.  It also has lavender in it and that is the predominant scent as soon as you open it.  It soaked into my hands super quick and there is no greasiness at all.  This whole bottle makes me smile and I want more just so I can look at the label all day.


Incoco Nail Polish Applique Set-$8.99 Full Size

I have always wanted to try these nail strips but have never done it because I’m cheap.  I don’t think they will work on me because I have little nails.  Not short but small if you know what I mean.  When fake nails were the thing I always had a couple that were too big because there wasn’t enough small ones to do both hands and I think this will be more of the same. This is why I started getting these boxes so I could try new things so I guess I got my wish on this one.


Style Essentials Twin Gloss-$2.50 Full SIze

This is sooooo cool!!! There are two different colours of gloss in the tube and you can actually see it blending together just before it oozes out the end.  It smells awesome too!  Very fun and very shiny. Yay!!


First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser-3x2mL $0.24 each

I have tried this out before from Sephora and I don’t really like it so I’m glad the samples are small.  That being said it is a good product, I’m just not fond of the formula and that is is almost cream like. Not much else to say about it really.

This was one of the better BB5 boxes.  I like everything but the cleanser and that is only 0.75 worth of the box.  The total value is $21.70.  There were also three full size items which is nice.  I think the lip gloss is really fun and I can’t stop looking at the goat lotion so I’m entertained too.  Two good months in a row…keep it up BB5!


Ipsy April 2015

Ispy is a beauty subscription that comes in a pink bubble mailer. It is $10USD per month and includes deluxe samples and full sized products. All of your products come in a reusable makeup bag. This months theme is Beautifully Bohemian.  All Ipsy bags are selected for the individual person so there is a wide variety of products possible to receive. There are plenty of spoilers with this one and you can see exactly what you will be getting a few days before your bag arrives by logging in to your account.

20150420_182840 20150420_182850

The included card showcases one of the Ipsy stylists.  This month it’s Chrisspy.  These cards just tell you the theme.  Any info on the products can be found on the website under your account.


Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango-$15.00 Full Size

This colour is described as a matte pink coral.  It’s really pink and bright but I think if I can use just a touch of it at a time I can wear it.  I like that it has no shine or shimmer at all.  That makes it seem less like a going out colour and more like an everyday one.  We’ll have to wait and see I guess.


Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion-28.3g $10.50

I think I get at least one new moisturizer every month so even though they are small I never run out.  This one has lots of flower extracts in it but smells strongly of rose.  It absorbed in super quick and my skin feels nice to the touch after.  It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on which is nice now that it’s starting to warm up.

20150420_183157 20150420_183217

The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty-$3.00

This actually comes in a full palette with all the colours shown on the right side.  I think the packaging is super fun though.  The colour I got is a kind of bronzy pink shade with lots of shimmer.  I like it and might have to splurge and get the whole set.


Mica Beauty Eye Primer-4g $22.48

I really want to like this.  I have a scar on one eye so my makeup on that side is always moving around and smearing oddly since my eye folds a bit different from the scar.  Beyond this being super expensive it seems too dry for me.  It doesn’t go on very easily and is not smooth at all.  I’ll have to play with this one to see if I can make it work.  There is a lot of it though, since it’s only for your eyes.


Mullien & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tint-$10.00 Full Size

I expected this to be really dark but it just looks that way.  This gives just a touch of colour and a moist look on both cheeks and lips.  It has a slightly odd smell that I can’t place.  I think the packaging is cute and this is vegan as well.


I forgot to post the bag!!!!  This is the best bag I have yet to receive from them.  It is larger then most and the basket weave is fabulous.  This one will not be regulated to my makeup drawer, I plan to use it all the time.

This months bag has a value of $60.98.  Wow! A third of that is the highly overpriced primer but that’s still incredible. This month has two full size items and two are half sized. For once I think all of my items actually meet the theme.   I’m still not super thrilled with the website changes but am learning to get around on it.  If you would like to get in on the bag I’d love it if you’d use my link.  You can also visit their website by clicking here.



e.l.f. Refreshing New Year Beauty Bundle 2015

e.l.f. Beauty Bundle is a makeup box that ships every 8 weeks.  They ship out a variety of makeup and brushes from their own lines.  They have an assortment of products based on a central theme for that box.  This months bundle theme was the Refreshing New Year Bundle. The box starts at $19.99 every other month and promises to ship at least double that in the value of products.  It ships in a black box with their logo on it and looks good. All products are full sized as well. I accidently canceled my plan last month and then sent them an email asking where my box was. Thankfully their customer service was excellent as usual and they got me sorted out and my box shipped out to me. This one comes in a branded box with a drawstring bag inside with all your goodies.


Nourishing Cuticle Pen-$1.00

This seems so much easier then the cuticle gels I’ve tried.  This has a tip similar to a felt marker on it and you just rub it on your nails and cuticles as often as you need.  It’s filled with vitamins and aloe for hydration.  I will be adding this to my home manicure procedure for sure, since my cuticles always look ragged.

20150417_201050 20150417_201109

Silver Dump-$8.00

If I was them I think I’d have found another name for this……just saying.  Once you get past the name this is actually a pretty nice little bag.  It’s made of vinyl, has a huge zipper opening and is lined on the inside.  There is also inside,  a little zipper pocket and a non-zippered pocket on opposite sides.  I’ve got lots of bags from some other subscriptions that ship in them but this is for sure the biggest one I’ve received, which gives it more possibilities for use.


Lip Balm Tint in Peach-$2.00

This lip balm smells nice.  it has coconut, grape and shea butter in it making it super softening.  It gives just a bit of colour and I like that they sent peach instead of a pink.  This is a much better neutral shade that works for everyone.


Pressed Mineral Blush in Sweet Retreat-$5.00

I absolutely love that they always include some mineral makeup in their bundles.  This blush is a total win for me.  They have you fill out a survey when you join to get what colours work for you but they have sent me some other blush that has just been too dark.  This one is perfect for everyday and I am stoked to use this.


Hydrating Under Eye Primer in Clear-$3.00

I’ve never heard of a primer just for under eyes.  This one not only stops your concealer from shifting and settling, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and wrinkles.  I don’t really need this since I am lucky enough to not have dark circles under my eyes that need concealer but I will maybe bring it out for special occasions where I do the full face treatment with my makeup.


Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted-$3.00

This shadow is super shimmery but not very dark when used as is.  I am going through a glittery stage right now so this is perfect for me.  It’s almost like it’s just glitter with no colour on me and I may use it for shine on more then my eyes.


Hydrating Face Primer-$6.00

What I really like about e.l.f. is that it is so affordable.  There is no other company selling face primer for $6.00 and the quality is just as good as some more expensive options.  Primer has become my new must have item since I started getting it in boxes and I go through it fast since I use it everyday.  Happy!


Angled Blush Brush-$3.00

I think that by the time I’m done with this subscription I will own every brush they offer.  It does save me from having to wash my brushes though since I can just toss them and use a new one.  Nice that I got blush and a brush in the same order. Someone was thinking.


Flawless Concealer Brush-$3.00

This one will go with the under eye primer perfectly.  I normally use my finger to apply concealer even though I know you’re not supposed to.  Maybe I can break that habit with this brush.


Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths-$3.00

These things are so handy!  I like that I can almost silently clean my face when I have to go to work before the little ones are up.  This pack has 20 cloths and is good for sensitive skin as well.


Lip Gloss Wands-$3.00

I’m not sure that I’ll ever use these for what they are intended.  I don’t share lip products with anyone and I don’t so anyone elses makeup so these might become painting wands for the kids.  One useless item in the whole box is pretty good though.

This months offering was my favorite so far.  The products all really matched the theme and all were colours I can pull off with no issues.  The value this month was $40, exactly as promised.  As I mentioned above my customer service experience was excellent and I was helped out even though I was at fault.  The only issue I have with this box is that shipping to Canada is really high so while I do come out ahead it’s not by much.




Look Fantastic Beauty Box April 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a new box for me.  They are a box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website.  Their first ever box was in February.  Boxes are $28 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.


They have a really nice sturdy box that was inside a plain shipping box.

20150414_124157 20150414_124213

Inside is nicely wrapped.  Under the paper was those horrible squiggles and my items for this month.

20150414_124229 20150414_124238

The info card is one of the nicer ones I’ve received in boxes.  It lists all the products that were shipped out, so you may not get everything or if there are multiple items from a brand you just get one.  It also tells you what to do with each thing.


Inika Certified Organic Eye Liner in Black Caviar-$18.94 Full Size

There seem to be a few colours of this sent out but I got black.  I am almost at enough black liner now to do me for the rest of time.  Good thing I have two daughters who will need makeup in ten years.  This glides on really smooth and easily.  It does seem to smear a bit easily though.  There is no way I would ever pay $19 for an eye liner so this is a steal for me.  Also with getting a longer subscription this one item almost pays for my whole box.  Wooooo!


Korres Calendula Soap-40g $3.29

This is a cute little soap!  It is good for face and body and is specifically for softening.  It is glycerine based and has vitamin E as well.  It’s not my favorite scent so this one may end up going to the Hubby.


Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist-25mL $8.60

There were three different brands of hair care items sent out this month.  I am not too sure if I’ll use this but it’s a small bottle so I’m not too concerned.  I don’t normally go for the textured look, I spend most of my time trying to make my hair smooth.  I think it’s cool though that it contains salt to give you that beach look.


Forza 30 Day Multivitamins-30 capsules $14.00

This was something I was really surprised to get in a beauty box, but I can sorta see how it fits.  These are a blend of 13 selected vitamins and minerals specially designed for women.  They say this blend is perfect for giving you what you might have trouble getting from food on a reduced calorie diet.  I’m not sure how that’s different from a regular multivitamin but there is just normal things in these so I will use them.


CB12 Safe Breath Oral Care Agent-50mL $3.74

You can really see the black fuzz from the packing on this bottle.  This is mouthwash.  Fancy mouthwash but mouthwash none the less.  It is mint flavoured and supposed to give 12 hour coverage.  This box really has a wild mix of stuff.


Balance Me Revitalising Hand And Body Wash-100mL $8.42

This body wash has a citrus scent that does give you that zippy boost.  It’s safe for sensitive skin and they recommend it for all members of your family.  This is a pretty big sample but it’s about a half full size.  It’s also sulphate free, which is nice.

So for my first Look Fantastic box I’m really impressed.  There was a great mix of products covering all categories. All of the samples were big and two were full size.  The box had a value of $56.99.  I paid just over $21 so getting double is super.  I can’t wait for next month!