Luxe Box by Loose Button Spring 2015

Luxe Box is a quarterly box that sends out 7-8 trial sized beauty and lifestyle discoveries every season.  It is a Canadian box which is nice and shipping is included in the pricing.  Each box is $26 or you can sign up for a year for $96, so a slight discount. They also had a few upgrade options if you wanted but I stuck with the standard box.


They offered this month to not ship in the fancy outer box if you wanted.  Since I don’t have a use for the boxes, despite my best intentions, I chose to skip it.  The bag is still nice though, all silky and such.


Double Ended Blending Brush by Loose Button-$15.00 Full Size

This has a blending sponge on one side and a foundation brush on the other.  I actually just got a Beauty Blender in another box this month so this is less exciting then it might have been if it was the first blender I received.  I still like this though even if I normally use my fingers to apply foundation instead of a brush.  Something to work on I guess.

20150325_181256 20150325_181304

Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation by Buxom

I am really looking forward to trying this.  I think the two lighter shades I can wear with my skin tone.  The samples are actually little foil bubbles that will give a few days worth of foundation.  This also has a BB cream in it so you need to only use one product to get the results you need.


Peony Nail Lacquer by Crabtree & Evelyn-$6.00 Full Size

This is a great spring colour!  It is a soft pink and would be great as a base for french tips.  I didn’t even know Crabtree & Eveyln even made nail polish.



Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Extract by Klorane-50L $6.10

I have been using one of the other dry shampoos I get a little while ago and I’m really liking how it works.  I think this one will be the same.  The only complaint I have about them so far is that they are really noisy when you spray them and I tend to use them early in the morning when I want to be quiet because the girls are still sleeping.  They also included a $3.00 coupon for any Klorane product.


The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory-50mL $5.00

Oooooohhhh……this I love!  It smells just a touch masculine and it super thick and creamy.  I have always wanted to try the Soap & Glory products and have just never gotten around to it so this is a double win.  It’s not a huge tub but you really don’t need too much so it should last for a little while.


Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced-4g $15.00

This is really dark for anything I normally wear.  It says it’s supposed to give you a tan and it would make me look like I belonged on Geordie Shore.  There is nothing natural about this colour for me and I’m thinking this one is a write-off.


Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant-30mL $14.00

This lotion is supposed to help even out skin tone, reduce redness, build collagen, and unclog and shrink pores.  I’m all for anything that will keep my skin looking good and if I’m being honest I could use a bit of evening out in tone.  You just squirt some onto a cotton ball and wipe it on your face and you become more perfect with everyday that goes by……hopefully.

This seasons Luxe Box has a value of $61.10.  That is less than the last one I received but still just over double what I paid.  Once again there is an item I will not use but that’s the chance you take with these boxes.  I find that I get lots of emails from Luxe Box with specials from the products included or companies they have partnered with.  I have two more boxes in my subscription and I don;t know that I will renew after that but I do like them and I am getting to try new things that are available here in Canada, which I like.



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