Avalai Time of the Month Box March 2015

Avalai is a monthly subscription that sends you feminine products and treats to get you through that time of the month.  You no longer have to worry about running out of what you need or being without a chocolate fix when things get crazy.  You can choose from two different shipping dates so that your box arrives close to when you need it, either the 1st or 3rd Friday of the month.  Shipping to Canada is an extra $10.00 per month.  They have a few different plans to choose from.  You can select the duration of your period from 2-7 days, if you normally have a light, medium or heavy period, and whether you want pads, tampons, or a mix of both.  Prices start at $13.00 a month and vary slightly with your options.  The pads are Always and the tampons are Tampax and how many you get also is determined by your choices.

20150317_131743 20150317_131800

The first look gives you just what you think you’d find, feminine products and treats.  The note lets you know what your snacks are, what teas you got and what spa item was included.


To help with cravings this month they sent out Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, a Rice Crispie Treat, and two Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Squares.  Yum!!


I actually got the tea this month and all are Stash brand.  Oddly enough I have never tried any of these flavours so this is a nice surprise.


This months spa products are Citrus Kiss Lip Balm and a Coconut Mango Solid Lotion Bar.  I can’t wait to try the bar, I’ve never used a solid lotion before.



Cottonelle FreshCare Disposable Cleansing Wipes…..I still think these are a nice inclusion, even if I use them for my mostly potty trained preschooler in stead of myself.


The assorted monthly supplies.  Nothing fancy, just necessary.

I have since cancelled my subscription to Avalai.  I like the idea and the convenience but with the shipping costs I just feel like I can get all of this for less at my local supermarket.  I think I may give some of the other TOTM boxes a try to see if they can come in at a better price point.


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